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The Best Laid Plans…

I’m supposed to be at crop right now, but I never made it. I have mixed feelings about that. Part of me is so glad I stayed home because I had a very productive day. The other wishes I had gone and met the ladies that scrap together every month. I do want to find some real world friends who share my addiction to scrapbooking, but it just wasn’t fitting in right now. Which is the problem I have with even the concept of real world friends – my real world and theirs don’t always mesh. But, December was probably a dumb month to start anyway…just too much going on.

So, what was I up to? (She laughs!) Well, for one thing, scrapbooking! Part of what what seemed so silly about going today was that I already had a workspace set up with the layout I was working on. Packing it all up and moving to another location seemed like a waste of time and effort. Of course if I HAD gone, I’d have more to show for the day’s scrapbooking than 4 pages.


But then I wouldn’t have gotten all the Christmas boxes down out of the high-up storage in the garage, or gotten the next step in getting the tree decorated completed. The big lights are on, and all the “foundation” ornaments are up – even the big berry balls, and large candy canes. Next come the gazillions of ornaments…

It occurs to me that decorating my Christmas tree is much like doing a mixed media painting. There are layers and layers of background that go on before the focal points. So instead of papers and layers of paints and stamping, I’m adding layers of lights, garlands, additional greens, and background ornaments. Hmmmm. Never thought of it like that before!

I’m tempted to show you my favorite ornaments, but I did it last year, and they haven’t changed, so I’ll just give you the link, and you can go back and check them out if you’re interested.

But here is a crazy view of the yumminess I’m diving into now.




This whole decorating process seems to be taking so long this year. There are moments when I wish I could just wave a magic wand and it would be done. But mostly, I love it. I have mentioned before that my tree (and really, all the displays!) is like a scrapbook – there are stories and memories attached to so much of what I have, and getting everything out is like taking a walk down memory lane.

Once all these are on the tree, then it will be time for the finishing touches – bows and more garland. Yeah, I know – I’m a little crazy!

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  1. Wow! And I can’t even decide if I’m going to put up a year!

  2. When I first saw your pics, I didn’t expect all the memories flooding back… Happy ones of creating with you, realizing how important everyone was in my life at MFT and all the life lessons I learned there. I do miss those crazy days and all those wonderful people I got the privilege of working with. When I put up my tree, those memories of people and that time go up on my tree and in my heart too. In the big scheme of things we are all still connected! love you!

    • Thank you dear sweet friend. As I was putting all your snowmen up on the tree I was thinking how much I miss my yearly edition! We really did have a wonderful group of people, and you were certainly at the core. I only wish we had been able to realize our dreams for MFT. You guys deserved to make so much more $$$, but I could just never get us there. Makes me sad. BUT, I treasured you. I hope you know that. Still do!

  3. It’s been awhile since I’ve been here. i was hoping to hear from you that I could add your blog to my sidebar, because there’s no way other than CED for me to find you.

    I like how you have taken us through the various stages of tree decorating. I had forgotten that lights go on first, since I removed the last of the lights I had on my trees last year. Nice, eclectic ornaments, too. You were right (grin).

    I agree that it’s SO hard to pack everything to take to friends (I don’t scrap, so would never go to a crop) for a play date. That’s why, when I DO go, I stay a couple of days. I suspect you were wise to stay home. Seems like you got a lot accomplished.

  4. It never occurred to me to look in the comments of YOUR blog until now to see you had given me permission to add your link to my sidebar. I don’t normally have time to return to look at replies. Thanks. I’m off to add your link.

    • I didn’t figure out until I saw you hadn’t gotten my reply that you don’t get e-mail alerts of comments…duh! So I went to YOUR blog. There has to be a better way to message! 🙂


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