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Getting There Isn’t Pretty…

Yeah, the process is a mess, but the results are so worth it.

My house looks like a bomb went off in it. There are boxes and stacks of supplies everywhere, all a part of getting my Christmas tree up and decorated to my exacting standards.


And they ARE high. I am VERY anal when it comes to my tree. I have a very eclectic collection of ornaments, from ones handmade by my children to expensive ones purchased from artists and everything in between, so it’s not that I’m an ornament snob. I’m not. The ornaments do not all “match” in style, or theme. Nearly every one has personal significance, and even in my addled state of mind, I remember where and under what circumstances I acquired it.

My analness surrounds the set up. I like the lights just so. And I like lots and lots of them. This year, my prelit tree had so many strands out, I had to decide whether to chuck the whole thing and buy a new one, or remove the old lights and either rewire each light to the tree or just string them onto the tree every year like with a fresh tree.  I opted to take all the old lights off, which put me days behind, then string new lights on. Today I got the last of the small lights on.


Next up will be the strings of larger lights, then I’ll  add additional greens with pine cones and berries, and cinnamon and cranberry garlands.


Next come the  “foundation” ornaments like gingerbread men, candy canes, wooden hearts – 10-12 of each that are spread all over the tree.


All of this is prior to putting the “special” ornaments on the tree.

Whew! So, when I get caught up with all of this, I’ll show you how I finish it up! It may be a day or two, as I’m going to a crop tomorrow and hopefully I’ll have a few pages to show you. But, I’m motivated to get it all beautiful, so hopefully it won’t be too long!

Thanks a lot for stopping by!

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  1. I’m a lots of lights girl too, Janet. You are way ahead of me. My tree is still sitting in a bucket in the barn. I also have a very eclectic mix, and when it’s all done it is absolutely crammed with ornaments. Just the way I like it!


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