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More Creative Memories Tools

I posted awhile back about the circle cutters I had purchased from Creative Memories, then sorta forgot about. They really made the difference in a couple of layouts, so I was very excited about them.

One of my artsy girlies has a friend who sells Creative Memories, and hooked me up with her to see if there was anything else I could use. She had the oval templates for my system,


plus a “wave” maker,


and a ruler for tearing borders,


so I bought them all. And they arrived yesterday. Tonight I played a little.


No big surprise, they worked just as well as the circles, as does the one for making waves, but now I have even more options! The tearing tool is pretty cool, too!

Now all I need is to get the house decorated so I can get back to my scrapbooks!

To that end, I worked on getting the rest of the lights off the tree. I had a darling little helper who REALLY enjoyed using the wire cutters!


We didn’t get a whole lot done while he was here, but I worked on it again tonight, and WHEW! Finally got the last of the lights off. Now tomorrow I’ll add the last 2 sections to the tree, and finish putting the new lights on. I may get this done yet!


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  1. Really, Glad you liked them. did you find blades anywhere? ebay maybe?

    • I haven’t looked. I don’t have many miles on the ones I have, but I should probably start looking in advance of need. I am scrappin’ with some gals  tomorrow who I think are into Creative Memories, and at least one that sells it. If they are still available I should stock up.


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