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Busy, Busy, But Not Much To Show For It!

All of a sudden life is feeling crazy busy. But, I guess it goes with the Holidays!

First up, I’ve gotta show you my efforts to keep my succulents alive! Remember my beautiful fountain display?


Well, when I planted it, I knew there was a possibility I’d lose it over the winter. But the winters have been fairly mild lately, so I thought there was a chance they would be okay. But, this crazy cold we’re getting is a real threat. So, I’m trying to keep them safe.


I wrapped it in black plastic trash bags, then threw a flannel sheet on top of that.


They were still looking good this morning, but it was only in the mid 30s last night. It’s supposed to get into the 20s tonight, so I don’t know if it will be enough, but I’m hoping! If not, they will look like the zinnias that I didn’t cover!


They are gonzo!

The kiddles were in school today so I had a few hours to work on the tree situation. Oh my. I initially thought I’d unwire each light and save the wires, then re-wire new lights on. But there were over 2000 lights, and it was taking forever. I finally decided to just cut them off, and it went much faster. I got over half of the tree cleaned off and new lights put back on (but NOT wired, just laid on – you can’t even tell!) It feels ridiculous to be spending so much time on this silly tree. I could have just bought a new one. But these suckers are EXPENSIVE, and the ones I’ve seen are just not as pretty as the one I already have. Well. Ha! Maybe not right now. In fact it looks pretty funny right now!


The plan is to work on it some more tomorrow while the kids play, then hopefully by Friday I’ll be ready to decorate.

I’m also working on the kid’s advent boxes, but I’ll share that another day.

Hope you’re on schedule with your Holiday plans!

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