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Hard To Tell It’s December

No matter what the weather it is hard to believe it is December already.

But this unseasonably warm and dry weather makes it nearly impossible. I’m happy to be experiencing it now, but it doesn’t bode well for next summer. If we don’t get some significant precipitation soon, we will most certainly have pretty drastic water restrictions by summer for sure, if not in the spring.

My garden can’t figure out what is going on! I think this is the 3rd bloom of the year!

wintergarden9-w        wintergarden13-w


wintergarden5-w      wintergarden6-w

wintergarden7-w     wintergarden8-w

wintergarden-w     wintergarden2-w

wintergarden3-w     wintergarden4-w


We still have tomatoes ripening!


Yeah, life could be a lot worse!

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  1. you can tell here — we already had over a foot of snow and the ski resorts are open!!

    • Ha! We did 25+ years in the snow. There were parts of it I liked in my younger years. But as an oldster I prefer that my precipitation run down the driveway rather than having to be shoveled! Enjoy the beauty and be safe! No falls, k?


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