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Day 30 AEDM – Bye Bye AEDM! See Ya Next Year!

I’m so sad that this is the last day of AEDM. Just that little bit of pressure to do something artistic every day was enough to get me back into my scrapbooks – something I REALLY not only needed, but WANTED to do.I’m hoping I am in the habit now and will continue doing a minimum of a page every day, at least until this album is done.

Made GREAT, GREAT progress today. The pages are simple, but they practically did themselves. I think that means I’m in the groove! In fact, I did so many, I’m not even going to show you all of them, but here’s a sampling.




There was another 2 page layout, plus a 2 page collage…Wow! Can’t remember the last time I got so much done in such a short time!

My daughter and her girls came in for a few minutes (on the way home after discovering that “Frozen” was sold out for the time we wanted to see it! – Cute new Disney film, for those who don’t know!) to see the album’s progress. We got out the completed Yellowstone album from Fall of 2010 and compared it to the one I’m working on now from the Spring of 2012. The girls have grown so much! In 2010 I took a picture of them walking as they held hands…


Then took another photo in 2012 at the same place, doing the same thing. So stinkin’ sweet to be able to compare. I’m pretty impressed that I thought to take the same pic again!


Actually it’s a little sad that they are growing up sooooooo fast!

BUT, speaking of impressed – I also took multiple photos of the Grand Tetons and strung them together for a poor man’s panoramic pic, then used them to make the bottom border for this layout.



Yeah, I’m feelin’ pretty awesome right now! I’m going to make a copy of the older picture of the girls to put next to the new one. Then when we go back in 2015, I’ll take another picture and put all 3 in THAT album…How fun will that be?


Feeling grateful today for traditions. Like making my mom’s special fudge recipe every year, and having Grandma Forrest’s favorite, Graber olives, and Aunt Virginia’s Sweet Potato Cups. This year my son-in-law made an Armenian rice dish that was part of his family’s Thanksgiving meal, and we’re looking forward to carrying on with that every year. And the Christmas advent boxes have become a favorite for my grandchildren. Luckily I bought 4 of them, so when baby Lexie (due in March) is old enough, she’ll have one, too! I love traditions, and am hoping to add more and more. My parents used to do a family Christmas jigsaw puzzle every year. I’m thinking of resurrecting that now that they are both gone.

Well, to those of you who have been joining me from AEDM, don’t be strangers! If you’d like to keep in touch, just click the button in the right side bar to get an e-mail notification each time I post, or just stop by from time to time! Thanks again for participating. I’ve had fun…hope you have too! Now let’s go out there and continue to ART EVERY DAY!

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  1. This push you felt on the final day of AEDM was certainly worthwhile. I thoroughly enjoyed the scrapbook pages you showed this month, even though I’m not a scrapbooker. And of course, I’ve enjoyed meeting you through this month long event and had fun learning more about you in the process.

    WOW, I remember doing that panorama view when I had an SLR (not DSLR). I used a tripod to make sure I stayed in the same spot. Your photos are fantastic, and make a terrific border.

    I also enjoyed seeing the granddaughters as they grew over time. I look forward to 2015’s view.


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