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Day 28 AEDM – Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope y’all are having a wonderful day of family time!

We’re headed over to the daughter’s for the day and are looking forward to wonderful company, great food, and the old-fashioned version of Miracle on 34th Street!  We’re so blessed to all be together and living so close to each other!

Worked on my scrapbook again and made progress on my hiking pages. I seem to be past the blockage from a few days ago. First I fixed the messed up mat on this photo from yesterday…


Also had a little learning experience – Can you see the little circular cut out of this photo?


Note to self – Don’t use the circle cutter to cut anything when there is another photo under it. It WILL cut through. I was able to salvage the photo – just don’t look too close! ***Side note – one of my art girlies has a friend who is a Creative Memories consultant selling down some of her inventory, and I’m going to be getting an oval cutter. I’m so excited!

Then I finished the second layout that was giving me problems. I like the boot prints!



After the pages of greens with rust highlights, I shifted a little for the “Hit the Trail” pages. I’ve had this paper and stickers for YEARS and am happy to finally be using them.


Truth be told, I could probably do 10 albums without having to buy anything but adhesive – but what fun would that be?

Speaking of adhesive, my “go to” adhesive for many years has been the Hermafix, but I’m making a change. It has become hard to find, kind of expensive compared to others on the market, and messy to both use and refill. The glue is wanting to stick to the applicator and not roll properly. I’m through fighting with it, so, I’m going for simplicity all around. They carry a similar product by Tombow at Michael’s. It is fairly inexpensive, refills easier, and AVAILABLE just a few minutes away. No more having to plan ahead or buying too much and having it dry out.

Just a few more pages left in this layout…


So grateful to not have the whole responsibility for Thanksgiving dinner! Having two grown daughters who live right nearby make the day’s cooking much easier, and even fun! We’re each getting started on our own Wednesday night, then we’ll finish up together on Thursday. Good times!

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  1. Looks like you made #1 tonight. Hope you can see it (your entry). Happy Thanksgiving to you, too. Your latest pages are stunning. Sorry to read about the snafu with the circle cutter.

    I’ve never heard of either of these glues, so I’ll have to do an internet search to see what you’re talking about. Again, have a wonderful (and safe) Thanksgiving.

    • Thanks, Elizabeth! Yeah, I can see it tonight. I have no idea what was going on, but hopefully it’s over whatever its issue was!

      Both the adhesives I mentioned are archival quality double sided tape. I never use them for anything other than scrapbooking!

  2. Great pages you have there and I am sure you will love your new cutters..
    Sandy 🙂

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the day.


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