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Day 27 AEDM – Now We’re Talkin’!

Well, I pushed through. I found a sticker with the words “Lower Falls” on it in a rusty color and figured out that the pages I was having trouble with just needed a little pop of color.


Uh oh! Now that I’m seeing the photo up close, I’m thinking the rust circle is a little too off for my anal-ness…that’s going to have to be re-done! Heeheehee!

I added rust backing to 3 areas on the layout, and now I’m happy. Well, except for the goofy circle. That doesn’t make me happy, but it’s a quick fix.


I freaked a little when I discovered I didn’t have enough of my main paper to finish the entire layout, so I made some adjustments to stretch it…It’ll take a few days to complete the whole layout, as I’m looking at 8-10 pages on this one section, but I like the direction it’s going, so it’s all good. I only have kiddles for an hour tomorrow, and not too awful much to do to get ready for Thanksgiving, so I’m hoping to get the majority of this layout done.


Today’s Gratitude:

I’m so very grateful that I have a life that enables me to spend so much time with my family. There are times when I wish I could be young again, but then I’d have all the obligations that go along with “getting ahead.” One of the blessings of getting older is having all that behind you and being able to live in the moment. And living in the moment is a VERY good place to live.

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  1. OK, Janet. I’m a bit anal, too. I can see the circle needs to be recut. But I LOVE the direction you took with this. It is fantastic.

    Being anal is a good thing when it comes to art. However, when I don’t want to be precise, I work on scrappy journals, where the concept is to make them as IMPERFECT as possible. That way, the recipient won’t feel like they’re a work of art (like your scrapbook pages), and will feel free (and be encouraged) to use them.

    Have a wonderful day and I look forward to the next set of layouts.

    • Ha! I’m glad you could see it, too! I’m going to change it right now while I’m thinking about it! I find it interesting that a way out of a pickle (like I was in yesterday) will normally make itself known.

  2. Yes, Janet, you are #2. I noticed you posted twice yesterday and wondered why. Now I know. I can definitely see your icon and your name on today’s post.

  3. Hello Janet!
    How are you travelling? Can you believe we’re on the cusp of December?
    I thought you might like to know that I am hosting Reverb again this year. It’d be a privilege to have you join us.
    Everything you need to know can be found at:
    We kick off on Sunday and it is going to be AMAZING. Hope to see you there!
    Kat xxx


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