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Day 24 AEDM – A Good Day. A VERY Good Day.

What a day! I hardly know where to start…

I went to a vintage arts and crafts show today and had SOOOOOOO much fun.


My friend Lindsay invited me (she was a vendor!) and I’m very glad I went. I could have just laid in the aisle and soaked up the ambiance for hours.


I spent too much and I’m almost certain I left slobber in more than one booth.

But the very most remarkable part of the morning was a major breakthrough for me – not even ONCE did I wish I was a vendor. Not ONCE. It feels huge.

Those who have been following my creative journey for any length of time know that I’m practically schizophrenic in wanting to sell my work one minute, then I don’t the next- changing my mind back and forth so quickly I  ’bout give myself whiplash. It is rare thing when I pass by an empty store front and don’t immediately try to figure out how I would decorate it if it were mine. And even rarer that I go to a craft show without yearning until my heart almost breaks to be one of the vendors.

Not this time.

I had so much fun, and I got so many ideas. But it never translated into wanting to make anything to sell. It was “Ooooh, ooooh, I could do that for MY tree!” Or, “Oh, man, I’m going to need to do a vintage tree next to the angel display this year!” Or, “I could do something like that for the guest room!”

I can’t tell you how happy it made me – how freeing it was to want to do just a few of many things instead of exploring how I could set up an assembly line for doing a whole mess of fill-in-the-blank quickly and cheaply enough to be able to sell them at a price people were willing to spend for them.

I’m not declaring total victory yet. But in the war I’m having with myself, I won this battle, and it wasn’t even a close call!

We’ll see where I am when I get back from CHA (the craft and hobby industry trade show) in January. (YES, I’m going with some of my arty friends – we’ll see if I am STILL this chill then!)

When I got home from the craft show I pulled out the stuff to add another 2 pages to the pocket page layout I did yesterday. Contrary to the quick project the pocket pages were, this one took hours. How can that be? It is so simple…




Anyway. Progress is good. The stack of photos is getting smaller and smaller and the stack of finished pages is getting taller and taller. I’m actually beginning to see a glimmer of the light at the end of the Yellowstone Album Tunnel. Then it will be Alaska, and Disneyland, and Heaven forbid I should finish  any of the gazillions of every day layouts! In my head I’m laughing hysterically. I’m so screwed. I think I’ll go get in the hot tub.

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  1. You had fun huh.Lovely!

  2. It took me a long time to read it, too! But that’s ok, because I enjoyed reading your insight. And I’m totally jealous of you going to CHA. I’d give my left boob to go just once!

    • It would be worth both boobs if you ask me! I used to go every year when I had my store, sometimes to both the winter and summer show. It is sheer Heaven on earth. I have missed it SOOOOOOOO much. I go into a major depression in January and July just thinking about having to miss it, and it’s been roughly 7 years since I sold the store.

  3. I didn’t realize you owned a store in the past. I can’t even get enough art saved up to have a show or put something on Etsy. Now I see why you love to go. My problem is, I don’t use conventional items in my art. I make my shimmer mists from what I have on hand, I look at art supplies and figure out what I have and if I can substitute something for the missing supplies. So I would probably be no good trying to go to CHA. But it would be the most fun art experience I could ever have, I’m sure.

    BTW, my e-mail got hacked awhile back, and that’s why I removed it from my blog. I’m not surprised you got your message returned to you. Sorry about that.

    • Not a problem! After it came back I went to your blog looking for a better address and saw your note about not having e-mail any more.

      The thing that just makes me go whacko for CHA is not really even the products (although it is super cool to see and be able to try out all the latest and greatest!) but more the creative energy and the boatload of ideas that send me careening into even MORE ideas…

      There are you tube videos available that take you through many, many booths at CHA. When you have some time on your hands you might explore a little. It’s not quite like being there, but it’s close!

  4. I struggle so much with this… wanting to share my art for the recognition maybe rather than just creating it for my own joy. I’m thinking of making a line in the sand soon. NO MORE trying to sell it maybe? Nobody is buying it anyway. Then how could I get frustrated?

    • I think that has been me, too, Naomi. Having people buy my stuff is a real ego boost, but I’m just not sure I need it anymore. But I’m a lot older than you are. I’m feeling like I’m onto legacy stuff like the scrapbooks, and I have an idea for making Christmas ornaments for my grandchildren to give them when they get married… I really just don’t have the time for all the marketing and social networking and applying for shows, putting together displays.


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