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Day 23 AEDM – Pocket Pages – A Tutorial

Today I was working on some pocket pages for the girl’s Junior Ranger worksheets. They are too big and bulky to make regular pages for them, plus it will be nice for them to be able to pull them out and look at them when they get older.


So pocket pages are perfect.

As the name implies, it is a page with a pocket on it so you can tuck things in (good for greeting cards for birthdays, etc. or multiple brochures that you don’t want to have to do lots of pages for.)

They need to be pretty sturdy, and the paper I wanted to use wasn’t, so I started by backing the 12 x 12 paper with a heavy cardstock. Then I cut another, co-ordinating paper in half to use for the pockets.


Regular adhesive is not adequate for securing the smaller paper, so I used a heavy duty double-sided tape around 3 sides, then adhered it to the big page.


Well, you can’t see it, but the tape is there, I promise!

Then I decorated the pocket with a photo, some die-cut trees, and a photo copy of the badges they earned. Slip the workbook in and they’re complete! Easy peasy. Start to finish I think I only have half an hour in these!



I have to brag on both the girls a little. Hannah was at the top age for the easier workbook, and not really quite old enough for the next one up, but the ranger said she could choose which one she wanted to do, and she chose the harder one. She did a good job! Bea was barely old enough to participate, but she wanted to give it a try, and did a good job, too!

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  1. It was good to see that both girls went for a different badge, which added even MORE fun to your pages. I used to use double sided tape for my pocket pages, but the tape I used (red liner was the brand) is so expensive, I found that sewing the pockets on the page was MUCH CHEAPER. Call me cheap, or call me Queen of Free (grin).

    I was in awe of the specialty paper you used. Guess that’s important when you are working with specific pages in a scrapbook. I also like how you decorated the pages (the ephemera). The small tree on the right if the right page made the two pages just asymmetrical enough they work well together.

    • Duh! It never even occurred to me to sew the pockets on! What a great idea. The tape I use isn’t terribly expensive, but stitching would add a lot of interest! Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Your girls will be so happy you did this for them as they get older! Great pages.

  3. What a blast! I love how you are preserving these memories, to last for them and generations beyond, too. I really need to go spend time at Yellowstone!!

    • Thanks, Julie! Yellowstone is beyond amazing…an incredible national treasure. I hope you are able to get there. Try to avoid dead on summer if you can – traffic is horrific, but both late spring (early June) and early fall are good times. Having done both, we prefer late spring – more water and babies – but the fall colors are beautiful, too.


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