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Day 22 AEDM – Back To ATCs

For those of you who don’t know, ATCs are Artist Trading Cards – little 2 1/2 x 3/ 1/2 works of art designed to be traded, not sold.

My art group has a sub-group of ladies who, following a monthly theme, take turns hostessing an ATC swap.

Last year my granddaughter Hannah asked if she could do some, and the ladies so very generously said they’d love to trade with her. Then Bea wanted to join in and now several of our young-ins do. It’s so wonderful to find this kind of support for the next generation of young artists!

Well, Hannah (age 9,) Bea (age 5) and I (age 61 – heeheehee!) have been slacking the last few months. Not because we don’t want to participate anymore, but because life just keeps getting in the way! I asked the girls if they wanted to quit, or do a better job of making it happen, and they both voted for making it happen.

So, we jumped into the November swap. The theme is “thankful.”

Hannah designed her card, and Bea copied (quite well, I would say!) I offered Hannah the option of doing her words on paper then gluing them on (as Bea did) so she could throw the words away if she messed up, without having to toss the card, but she opted to jump in and write directly on the card. I was so proud of her for not being afraid!







And mine…


I’m glad we’re not quitting. We had so much fun!


Feeling so grateful for the beauty in the world, and the time to notice it! Joshua (my grandson) and I were driving down the street in the overcast almost foggy weather, and suddenly the sun was shining. I pulled over so we could watch the sky for a few minutes. It was just beautiful…


I told Josh we were smelling roses. I think he thinks his Gawgs is a little nuts!

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  1. Oh how wonderful. I’m sure anyone would be glad to swap with these two darling girls. You must really be proud of them. And yours are awesome. I suspected you would still be up, so I thought I’d get a head start, since it looks like Leah was too sick to put up the link tonight (grin). Hope you have a lovely day.

    • After about 20 refreshes, I came to the same conclusion! I love that the girls love art and that they are so willing to try new things! Whenever they see a new product or see me using a new technique, they are right there ready to try it. I only wish I was as artistically adventuresome as they are!

  2. What a nice post and some precious faces too!


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