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Day 21 AEDM – Old Faithful

No, not something old and reliable – the ACTUAL Old Faithful.

I’m back to the Yellowstone album today.

Thought I’d show you the process for a VERY easy page pretty much step by step, just in case there are some of you thinking about getting started, but are feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of it all. As much as it kills me, not every page has to be a masterpiece.

The first step is to gather the pictures you want to use, plus any potential keepsakes or information you want to add. This visit it was gray and gloomy, so I took very few photos. That made the decisions easier. I picked up some info on the Inn itself, a little blurb about the geyser, and some great embellishments  that helped to fill the space.

To construct the page, I started by selecting a specialty paper of iconic images from Yellowstone, including Old Faithful.


Next I laid out the photos and other materials to make sure they all fit in a pleasing manner.


I needed mats for the photos, so I pulled a number of sheets cardstock in different shades of green to see which one I liked best. I’m glad I’d pulled several because the one I ended up with was NOT one I thought would be best.


I cut a mat for each each photo then put them back up on the board along with the other elements for final placement before adhering them to the page. Then I did a quick journaling block, stuck everything to the page, adding just a few staples, then forced myself to stop.




I’m pleased with the page from a technical standpoint. It has balance and says everything that I want it to say. BUT. I’m dying here. I so badly want to pull out the paints and chalks, and use the diecut machine to cut out a few flourishes to compliment the ones on the paper. But I’m not going to.  If I am ever going to get the album finished, I have to learn when to say “enough already.”  And for this layout, especially because the photos aren’t great, and there wasn’t a REALLY awesome story to tell, this is enough.

Really. It is. So I’m going to quickly get them in sleeves before I change my mind.


I am grateful to wake up every morning to the smell of fresh brewed coffee. Yeah, I have my very own barrista. He grinds the beans every morning and has coffee waiting for me when I wake up. Sometimes he’s left for the gym before I get up, but the coffee is always there. Every. Single. Day. I’m a lucky girl.

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  1. I wrote you a LONG (and I mean REALLY LONG) comment about why I don’t scrap, then deleted it. I didn’t want you to hate me and I was afraid I might offend you in some way. Your two page spread is delightful, and I am in awe.

    • Good grief, sweet friend! You don’t owe me an explanation of why you don’t scrap, I can’t even imagine what you might say that would offend me and hate is not a word that is in my vocabulary as it relates to people… Scrapbooking is not for everyone, any more than art journaling or knitting is! I am flattered that you like my pages, but that doesn’t mean that I expect you to take up this crazy and sometimes frustrating hobby! 🙂

  2. Your process is so specific and organized. No wonder your pages are so professional looking!


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