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Day 20 AEDM – I LOVE Having Help!

Today I had help on another project!

As part of getting my studio organized, I recognized I needed to expand my paint/ink/finishes storage and purchased two more CD holders. Rather than paint them by myself, I decided to turn it into a project my five year old grandson, Joshua, and I could do together.

Turns out he was able to do most of it himself! He kept saying, “These are pretty darling, doncha think, Gaga?”



Bootsie said, “Are you sure Mom is going to be okay with this mess?”


We WERE kinda messy!


But who knew we’d need to wash feet?


The only thing better than getting paint on my hands is having a sweet little helper getting painty with me!


The two new shelves will be added to these for more space!


Thanks, Joshua!


So grateful that I am a Gaga who gets to live close her babies! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the time I get to spend with them! Although I do have to admit that if I had had to read “Three Little Ghosties” one more time today I may have stuck a fork in my eye! Heeheehee!

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  1. I really like how you have your paints set up. I have mine in a similar fashion, but mine are segregated by a mere two shelves. That means the colors often get mixed up, especially if I’m in a hurry to return them and some have fallen into the next row. I like how yours look. And messy fingers are fun to photograph when the job is finished. After all, clean-up is as easy as soap and water.

    • I tried a number of different setups before finding one I like – this one I’m impressed with! As far as clean up – it was a little more difficult than I anticipated. I ended up having to use the scrubber side of a Teflon sponge on his little feet. Fortunately he giggled and giggled.

  2. Where do you buy those? I want to do that because my little shelves seem to lightweight to hold all my paints. AND it’s super colorful!


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