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Day 19 AEDM – Crisis Averted (mostly)

Do you remember back a few weeks ago when I had a little catastrophe? I was getting down the Halloween/Fall decorations and dumped a box to the ground from about 2 feet up the ladder, and heads rolled – literally!


I just couldn’t deal with determining the scope of the disaster at the time, so I quickly, and without paying a lot of attention, scooped everything up and put it all back in the bins to be handled another day.

I put away the Halloween decor Nov. 1st, but I just wasn’t ready to face the mess, so I’ve been putting off getting back into those bins. But Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so today was finally the day of reckoning. And it wasn’t so bad.

I lost a pitcher that I used for a centerpiece, but it had no sentimental value – no big. Three pilgrims lost their heads. They didn’t shatter and were easily glued back together. Another one has a portion of her skull missing, but it’s in the back. Since she is displayed up high, no one will ever notice (don’t tell, k?) The biggest loss was two of the pumpkins in a three piece set I REALLY liked that got smashed to smithereens. They were discovered back when It happened, and I’m long over that. All in all, it could have been a lot worse.

SO, after I got all the cushions outside hauled into the garage in anticipation of the pending rain, I got busy and decorated. It went quickly, and wasn’t nearly as traumatic as I feared, so I wish I had done it weeks ago. I love the fall colors indoors.

tgiving6-wI put my Pilgrim collection on top of the library hutch.

tgiving5-wMy very favorite scarecrow and some fun pumpkins.

tgiving4-wThe darling tin pail I bought at an antique store in NYC – love this full of fall silks!

tgiving3-wToday’s silks are almost as beautiful as the real deal!

tgiving2-wThe “give thanks” blocks I made last year.

tgiving-wAnd the pumpkin blocks from last year.

I have not added any new decor this year, just displayed everything a little differently. I think I need a few new pieces, don’t you? I’m going to a craft show this weekend and will keep an eye out for something gorgeous. If I don’t find anything, I may have to finish out AEDM making something!


Today I am grateful for the changing weather. As much as I have loved the mild fall to this point, we REALLY need the rain, so I am looking forward to it. We battened down the hatches and are ready for it. Now we sit back and see if it comes to pass.

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  1. Golly. Seems like I was just here (grin).

    I am sorry to read about your pumpkins, but I LOVE your pilgrim collection. Very unique. As I was scrolling down the page, I saw the wooden pumpkins on the chair and nearly slapped myself on the head. I also have three of those wooden pumpkins, but haven’t seen them in YEARS. Now I should go hunting for them.

    I love your wooden blocks and may have to steal (OOPS, I mean borrow) OOPS, I mean emulate your idea. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Ha! I made the wooden pumpkins about 20 years ago – back when cutting wood and painting it was my passion. As for the blocks, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! Steal, borrow and/or emulate away! Heeheehee – guess the passion for wood was just smoldering, not gone!

  2. What lovely fall decorating! Sorry to hear the pilgrims lost their heads though but, at least, you were able to salvage them. I love the look of the pumpkin (?) you have sitting on top on the little white drawer unit, in the first pic. Btw, years ago, I used to cut out wood piece shapes with a scroll-saw and paint them up for decorating. Never cut out pumpkins though. Very nice!

  3. I guess I better get my tushie in gear, huh? Your decorations look wonderful and I bet they make your home feel festive.


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