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Day 18 AEDM – Laying Down A Background – Cake Portfolio

After the birthday party I was able to spend a little time in the studio, so I began laying down a background for another layout in my “Happiness Art Journal.” The year is racing by, and I still have a long ways to go getting all my observations on happiness documented.

I started by using modpodge to glue down some checkered tissue and book pages.


Next I added some patterned paper then used a credit card to spread the first layer of paint over the papers.


The last step for tonight was adding a couple more layers of paint…


Hopefully tomorrow I’ll add some stamping and decide what observations I want to highlight.

Yesterday I posted my latest birthday cake, and I’ve had a few people ask to see some others I’ve done, so I’m reposting them here rather than send y’all to a bunch of earlier posts. I hope you enjoy!











Most definitely labors of love…


Today I’m grateful I live close enough to all my grandbabies to be able to do these little tokens of love for them. I hope that long after I’m gone they’ll remember that their Gaga made their birthday cakes for them!

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  1. Oh my! All beautiful and amazing (including your journal pages) but I am in LOVE with Mater!! My ‘almost’ 2 year old grandson loves Mater and when I am with him that is all, and I mean ALL we watch. He needs a Mater cake for his 2nd Birthday! thanks for Sharing Janet!

  2. Well I knew I’d be late today, but this is ridiculous. Especially as slow as my internet is. Gotta LOVE your journal. I can’t wait to see where you go next. I really, really like the backgrounds.

    As for the cakes, those are really fun looking. You do a very good job. You have talents out the wazoo! And yes, that’s a compliment (grin).

    • Thanks, Elizabeth. I’m especially flattered since you are such an amazing artist! I really LOVE working on the journal, but I need to get the Yellowstone album done! So I’m doing bits and pieces of each here and there. I need to be 4-5 different people to do all I want to do!

  3. Ha! Thought I might mention (just so you don’t think I’m whacked!) that the lavender bee was for Bea’s 3rd birthday, and she INSISTED that I make the bee lavender and black because lavender is her favorite color – not MY idea!


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