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Day 16 AEDM – New (sorta) Toy

As I was putting together a new page today, I was not loving all the right angles, and was thinking that a round picture was in order, but I hate imperfection in my pages, and I can’t hand cut a circle that matches my standards. What to do, what to do?

Then I remembered that I bought a circle cutting lash up from Creative Memories a few years ago that I don’t think I ever actually used. Hmmmmm. Wonder what I did with it? I was thinking that I always say that in spite of the apparent mess in my workroom, I pretty much know where everything is, and was wondering if I was going to have to amend that. Then it popped into my head, and I literally went right to it without having to dig through anything! Sometimes I amaze even myself.

So, here’s the deal. There are 3 wheels, 3 color-coded cutting tools, and a guide for figuring out which one to use for each size circle, plus a self adhesive cutting mat.


I figured there would be a learning curve, but I hate to practice, so I just jumped in and did it, deciding if I messed up, I just wouldn’t use that photo (I know lazy logic, but what can I say?)


Anyway, it worked pretty darn well. I ended up with a circular picture and 2 mats – no swearing at all.


Yay, Creative Memories! And I got a “new” toy without spending a nickel. That’s how I roll. Which makes me wonder how many other “new” toys I have that I’ve forgotten about?

So, here’s the latest page. I like how the circle cut out worked – it made for an interesting element.


I’m really feeling good about how much I’m accomplishing on this album. Pretty sure without AEDM and the mild pressure to produce it creates I wouldn’t be doing NEARLY as well!


Today I’m feeling grateful for life. For waking up every morning ready to enjoy a new day and all the blessings that go with it. I know it’s kinda general, but I’m just feeling so content with my life right now. It’s not perfect. But it’s good. Really good. I wish every one was so fortunate.

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  1. I bought a circle cutter made by Fiskars. It has an extension, so the circle can be any diameter you want it to be. HOWEVER, I have NEVER been able to get it right. Either suction cup would slip, or the knife didn’t cut properly. It has just never worked for me, much like an X-acto blade doesn’t work for me. I applaud you for your first attempt, which I think is superb. The circle around the plane is simply perfect. It brings it into focus, where it might be lost, otherwise.

    And thanks for the comment on yesterday’s post. That was really sweet of you Janet, since I don’t really have a clue what I’m doing in the scrapbook world.

    • You are so welcome, Elizabeth. You’d truly never know you’re a novice. I really can recommend the cutter from Creative Memories. The design is so user-friendly. Interestingly enough, for the most part, art is art. If you have an eye for color, dimension, balance, etc. it translates from one medium to another. You just learn how to use the new medium and you’re there. For you, the medium is much the same, you’re just using it for a different purpose.

  2. What a great idea using the circle! That really puts a nice touch on the layout. I’m like you… generally jump in without experimenting first. Sometimes it works and other times, well… you know how that can roll. *grins* Happy AEDM! It’s hard to believe we’re over the halfway mark now.

    • AEDM is seriously making my much more productive than I would be otherwise. It’s like adding adult supervision to my world, when I normally have none! Heeheehee! Yeah, that little picture would have been lost without accentuating it, and the matted circle did the trick!

  3. The layout you did looks so nice! It’s fun to use different shapes for pictures, isn’t it? I like the expression of gratitude at the end.

    • Thank you, Ann. I’m doing a gratitude blurb every day for this month of Thanksgiving, but I’m thinking I may continue it after the month is over. Having an attitude of gratitude contributes to a happy life, and it doesn’t hurt to write it down! Even the little things. In fact, ESPECIALLY the little things, because when you add them all up, it’s all the little things that make life so rich.

  4. It looks great, Janet! Now, I’m wanting one of those circle cutter things, as well. I use circles a lot in my work. A few years ago, I was in Walmart, browsing the craft clearance items, and I picked up a set of plastic stencils. Just basic shapes and holiday themes, there were about 10 of them in all. It was cheap, so I bought it, and I have used it over and over again, mostly to draw circles and squares. Glad you are so content. It shows. XO.

    • I have circle templates, but when I cut them out, there are always little booboos that drive me and my anal-ness crazy. This was a good purchase. Now I just need to remember to use it! XO back atcha!


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