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Day 15 AEDM – On To Mud Pots

Yesterday Bea helped me with the set up of the first two pages of a four page layout on the Mud Volcano Area. Today I was on my own to finish them.

I love how doing scrapbook pages helps to re-live the stories.

We had been driving past the “stink pots” every day, and finally decided to stop and check them out. The girls got a kick out of the vapors that smelled like rotten eggs (thus the name stink pots!) There were notices everywhere that there were bears in the area and to proceed with caution. Mr. Tattered (Da’) was a little nervous about going in, but we out voted him.

We had heard the joke that you don’t need to be able to out run a bear, just able to out run the slowest person in the group. So Da’ stalked an older couple, decided he could run faster than them, and followed them around. We just cracked up!


mud pots-w

I was mildly frustrated that I couldn’t find the right color of brads to finish off the pages, but, I can come back to them later…I think I need to start a list.

I just realized that I only bought one album while we were in Yeloowstone, and it’s going to take two to house all these layouts, so I’m going to need to try to round up another one. I’d REALLY like for them to match!


Today I’m grateful that Mr. Tattered had the brilliant idea to ask the delivery guy who brought the hot tub if he’s take some cash to deliver it all the way to the backyard (we only contracted for delivery to the end of the driveway.) He agreed and I think we saved ourselves a HUGE headache. It’s amazing how well things go when you have the right equipment.

Getting the hot tub has caused me to fall in love with my backyard all over again, so I’m feeling particularly grateful for it as well. So much so that I’m planning to spend a fair amount of time in the backyard this weekend doing clean up and redecorating.

Yikes! Maybe not – Hannah’s birthday party is this weekend, and Gaga needs to come up with another decorated cake. Looks like you’re going to be seeing some art other than scrapbook pages after all!

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  1. Your honey is so very wise… hooray for hot tubs. I love your spreads and am not surprised yu need another book to fit them in! Looks like life continues to be lively and fun!

  2. I could have used your help today when I was sewing some scrapbook backgrounds for a friend. Your pages are incredible, and I really, really like the stink pot pages. I can’t possibly imagine where you would use the brads, though. Your pages look complete.

    • You did an excellent job on them! I was VERY impressed! I’m glad you like my pages. I am NOT a minimalist! I love all the crazy little additions – brads being some of them, but I’m glad they LOOK complete.


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