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Day 14 AEDM – I Have a Helper!

When I started AEDM this year, I had no intention of doing so much scrapbooking. I figured I’d do a little, then switch to something else. But, I’ve found myself a little obsessed. I worry a little that it’s getting boring for y’all, but I can’t seem to help myself. I’m loving what I’m doing, and I’m excited about sharing it with you.

Today is no different. And I’m really rolling.

I finished the bear layout I started yesterday and did a single page on mama’s arrival.




Then my little helper (my granddaughter, Bea) helped me start on the next 4 page layout that will about the “stink pots” and a cute story, which I’ll share tomorrow. She had so much fun using the magnetic page system and sliding the blade on the paper cutter for me. Having her helping made it even more fun!



If you’re joining me from AEDM, thanks for coming by again!


Right this minute I’m grateful to have a daughter who is still speaking to me after I forgot I said I’d sit at the house tonight (while the girls sleep) so she could go do a little line dancing at our local Toby Keith’s Bar and Grill. FORTUNATELY, I only live about 3 minutes away from her house, so I got there quickly and she didn’t miss too much!

Yikers! I don’t know how I had THAT brain fart!

I am also grateful that my darling Mr. Tattered bought me a hot tub that is being delivered tomorrow! The electrician won’t be out to reroute the electricity for it until next week, but it will be sitting out there and I’ll be dreaming about soaking every night before bed…can’t wait.

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  1. Lots to be grateful for today, I see. And having a helper is always fun. I could use one of those. Not sure how I beat you at Leah’s because my computer is SO slow these days.

    • Well, I can’t publish until 9pm my time in order for it to be dated the following day. So I have to publish, then refresh Leah’s page to get the new linky, then copy to her site. By the time I do all that, you’re already there. But that’s okay – I don’t mind following you even a little bit! Heeheehee!

  2. I am so behind on your progress! You rock. You SO do.


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