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Day 13 AEDM – Back in the Groove

Okay, after a day of slacking (although I got a fair amount of support for the idea of shopping for art supplies counting as arting!) I am back in the groove.

I had my kiddles all day, but I came home and got to work (or play! Hahahaha!)!

I did a 2 page collage of the remaining elk photos, then started a 2 page layout for our bears. In all the times we have been to Yellowstone, we have never seen a bear close enough to photograph until this visit. It was so exciting.





I have a little free time in the morning tomorrow so I’m planning to get this layout done then on to another. I’m in the groove and I want to stay there!


Today I am grateful that I have an adventurous streak when it comes to eating. I have a number of friends who are experiencing health difficulties that require them to change their eating habits, but they are nervous about what those changes will mean. For me? I LOVE trying new things, and have little hesitancy to give new eating programs a whirl. I’m working now on moving toward being vegan, sugar free and gluten free. It’s a lot to bite off all at once, and I’m sure I’ll have the occasional setback,  but I’m going for it!

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  1. Tigers and lions and bears, OH MY. Nope??? Just Bears??? Can you tell I’m from Kansas?

    I’m pretty much sugar free, although I bought a can of A&W Root Beer at the grocery store because it sounded SO good. I haven’t had a root beer since forever. All this from the gal who practically NEVER drinks soft drinks.

    I can’t go vegan because I’m too attached to my 1/2 and 1/2 for my coffee. I also love cheese. But I am and have been a vegetarian for many years.

    I have a problem with gluten free, though. I attended a seminar a year or so ago, where the medical doctor who was talking said if your doctor didn’t tell you to go gluten free, you will do your body more harm than good if you eliminate it from your diet. So, although I don’t go out of my way to buy gluten products, I do like toast about once a month. And I’ve never been told to eliminate it from my diet, so I will take the seminar doctor’s advice. Good luck with your diet, though.

    • I’ve been a veg for almost 20 years – going vegan has been difficult because I love cheese, too, but I’ve found a number of substitutes that are working for me. And “silk” and almond milk have proved to be good alternatives to milk. I doubt I will ever be completely gluten free, but reducing it has made me feel much better. I don’t trust doctors as far as I can throw them. Unless they have gotten extra training in nutrition, most of them have very little expertise. Any way, we all do the best we can. I’m still experimenting to see what my body wants.

  2. Nice layout. We get black bears in our back yard if we leave the bird feeder up so I have some great shots of them. I guess I should at least do a journal page of bears or backyard visitors. Thanks for the idea! (I suspect my page will not be “professional” like yours…lol)

    • Although I appreciate the compliment, it’s not about being professional, it’s about having fun and preserving the memory! Jump in and do it! We had black bears in our yard when we lived in Mt. Shasta, but only saw the scat and dumped trash cans they left behind.

  3. Beautiful pics & I love the layout! I’ve gone back and forth with practicing vegetarianism over the years. Anymore I’m trying to be more conscious about the sugar intake, the breads & not as much protein from meat. It’s hard to do living with a hard-core meat & potatoes man.

    • I got lucky. My man watched me fixing a separate meal for myself and meat for the rest of the family and suggested that they eat veg at home, and they could eat meat when we went out, and that was wonderful. It didn’t take long before my hub decided to go veg (except for fish on occasion) and the daughter is totally veg, and now her daughters are as well. Glad you like the layouts!


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