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Day 9 AEDM – Let’s Switch It Up A Little

I took a little break between my last scrapbook layout and the one I have planned to start on next, to work a little on my Happiness Art Journal.

Just to refresh your memory (and to show new people visiting for AEDM) here are some pictures of the journal so far.




This morning, I got some more paint on my hands as I dabbled in my art journal again. I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE art journaling.


But, I NEED to put my efforts into scrapbooking ( I am SOOOOOOOOOOO far behind!) and so I’m attempting to figure out how I can combine mixed media and scrapbooking. I tried just a bit in my last layouts, adding a few painted elements, but it wasn’t enough. After I finish my 12 x 12 Yellowstone album and go back to my normal 8 1/2 x 11 format, I plan to try some more “painty” backgrounds.


Today I’m grateful for the beautiful days of fall…It’s the time of year when we need to layer. The mornings are cool and just a little crisp, then by afternoon it’s downright warm. The colors are changing slowly, but they are not nearly as bright as they are in years when it’s colder. Soon the rains will start, and that will okay, too. We really need it. But until then, I’ll be consciously thankful for each glorious day.

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  1. I love what you’ve done and I love the idea of mixing it up. I have several new techniques I want to try but… I’m debating trying something brand new right now. What to do!

    Thank you again for your inspiration.

    Maybe I should try art journaling!

    • Art Journals are so fun! It is a great place to try new techniques, and if you hate it, you can jut rip it out (if you haven’t done it on the back of a page you like!) I’m glad you’re inspired! That’s my word for NEXT year!

  2. Hi, love your blog. I’ve never been very impressed by scrapbooking, but yours are really beautiful. Love your journal page too, I’m really drawn to art journalling, but I tend to spend more time looking at other peoples than doing my own!

    • You should give it a try, Nina. I was scared to death to start, but it was so easy that I felt silly it took me so long to work up the courage to do it. Glad you’re enjoying the blog! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. It’s fairly obvious I wasn’t around my computer at all today, or I would have seen this lovely art journal. Lots of lovely spreads. Wish I worked that fast. It takes me FOREVER to make even a single page. I was surprised, especially since you mentioned how long it took you to create a scrapbook page. Nicely done on the mixed media front.

    • I’m glad you like it! But only the last, partially done layout was from today – the first 4 photos were of earlier spreads I’ve blogged before, but catching up people from AEDM, and refreshing the memories of people who hadn’t seen the journal in awhile! Don’t I WISH I was that fast!


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