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Day 8 AEDM – Whew! Finally!

Well, it took 3 days, but I finally have another completed layout. At this rate I’ll be caught up by… the 33rd of Nevuary!? I’m loving what I’m doing – having a real blast – but seriously, I need to get faster (or stop taking so many pictures!)

These are, relatively speaking, simple pages. I’m having to fight the urge to add more and more embellishments, but I just can’t if I’m EVER going to get this album done.






It’s not too plain, not too fancy – it’ll get the job done!


Today, I’m feeling very grateful that I have enough. (Well, can you ever have enough art supplies? But, besides that!) I have everything I need and most of what I want. Recently I heard it called “sufficiency.” What I have is sufficient. It’s actually more than sufficient. Not a day goes by that Mr. Tattered and I don’t mention how fortunate we are. There’s no doubt that we worked hard, made good decisions, and deferred gratification to get to where we are. But we got here. Not everyone does. And I am truly, deep-down grateful for that.

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  1. And a job WELL DONE, I might add. I guess I never realized how much time it takes to make a double layout like that one. I have a friend who makes scrapbooks and spends HUNDREDS of dollars in ink and paper, let alone the embellishments and tools, like her die cutter, etc. She’ll spend six or seven days solid, leaving her craft room only for potty breaks, because she eats and drinks in her craft room. When she emerges, she has a complete book documenting something or someone. And not just a few pages, but dozens and dozens of over the top pages. I guess I never knew all that goes into one of those spreads, but I do, now.

    • Well, part of the problem is I don’t have a lot of concentrated time to work – it’s an hour here, a few minutes there. But most 2 page layouts take about 4 hours, at least for me. I’m glad I’ve been able to give you an appreciation for the time it takes!

  2. Oh yeah it is so easy to go overboard. These are great layouts. Love the second one. I like pictures especially of kids when they are not posing for the camera. Love your gratitude as well.

  3. Very nice. Feel like I was long for the trip! I love the way you layer it all out…so woodsy and back to nature!

  4. These are great pages. I keep reminding myself with my stuff, “Less is more! Uncluttered is good! Leave space for interpretation!” I have many photos of my son balancing on a fallen tree trunk. Love that one, especially!


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