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Day 5 AEDM – An Interesting Technique

I hope you’re not getting too tired of scrapbook pages! I’m on a roll, and afraid to quit for fear of not getting back to it. I REALLY want to finish this album before I run out of steam!

I made the decision many years ago to scrap chronologically rather than just picking photos here and there to scrap. But, back in those days, I wasn’t an avid photographer. I just took the photos I needed to take to document the event, and rarely got the camera out for everyday stuff.

Now it seems like I walk around with a camera in my hands all day every day, so I have photos galore, and no hope of ever getting all of them into traditional layouts. PLUS, I take tons and tons of photos of wildlife and scenery when we are on vacation, and traditional layouts would go on forever – BORING! But, I can’t just throw them away, or put them in boxes somewhere. So I’ve come up with a way of getting them in albums, but without page after page after page on the same subject.

I collage them.

It works like this – I pick out the most interesting photos and do a two page layout on whatever the subject is, like this one of Elk.


Then I take all the leftover photos and do another 2 page spread collaged, allowing for many more photos on a page than if I was needing journaling or embellishments.


And this one of Buffalo…


Followed by its collages of extra photos…



I most CERTAINLY am on a roll!

Today’s Gratitude:

Today I am feeling extremely grateful to be caring for my grandchildren while their parents work. Not all grandparents get to see their babies nearly every day!  My Hannah, Bea and Joshua are the lights of my life – soon to be joined by another light, Baby Lexie. Life is good. No, Life is GREAT!

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  1. These are really awesome photos, and a super way to document your adventures, whether they are mundane or extraordinary. I’m like you. I have my camera in my hand all day long and have taken over 2000 photos since I got my camera less than a month ago. My “scrapbook” is my blog, though. Yours is far more exciting because you have a tangible document of your interests. Lovely pages, indeed.

    • Thank you! I think of my blog as “my” scrapbook, and the others as being my family’s. I considered switching to digital scrappin’ but I love having something to hold! Ha! And you’re waaaaay worse than I am with the camera!

  2. I love your work. You make me want to pull out my scrapbooks again. Now that I have a grand daughter I am sure I will be scraping again soon. I have my camera and my phone with me at all times. One can never take too many photos.

  3. Me…. tired of looking at scrapbook pages??? Never! Have always loved and been inspired by your pages. And Baby Lexie? I assume a baby sister to Joshua? Congratulations to all of you, what JOY!

  4. I’m loving your pages. I have a *thing* for Elk! 😉 Happy AEDM!

    • I LOVE elk, too. This year we didn’t see quite as many as we’ve seen in the past, but I was able to get pictures that I’m just crazy about…much better than in earlier visits. I don’t know if I’m a better photographer, or just had better opportunities.

  5. I really like your collage pages. What a neat idea! Those buffalo pictures are pretty cool too!

    • Thanks, Stefani! I love how close the buffalo come to the car. It’s a little scary, but man, the opportunities for fabulous photographs are plentiful! Wait ’till you see the ones of the babies! I hope you’ll check back so you can see them!


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