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Day 4 AEDM – Home and Still Creating!

I returned home today from my scrapbook weekend. Although I’m glad to be home, I’m already missing the focus of scrappin’ for hours on end. I don’t want to lose my enthusiasm and forward progress, but I know I have other things I need to do at home. The vacation is over – time to get back to my REAL job.

However, I did manage to schedule time to create. One of the layouts I started over the weekend needed some paint accents and stickers added (things I had at home, but didn’t take with me) and I actually completed it. Yay me!




This one is pretty simple, but I want to get even more into mixed media in my scrapbook pages. That’s like multi-tasking for me – getting pages completed, but painting at the same time!

I spent a bit of time this afternoon starting the process of getting supplies put away, along with the new treasures I brought home. I can’t pretend that I actually NEEDED anything. BUT, with few exceptions, the things I bought were deals too good to pass up, and some things were give-aways that came with classes and even a door prize or two. So it’s not quite as bad as it looks. Otherwise, I’d be embarrassed at the apparent gluttony!


Notice the rolls of new washi tape? Yeah, can’t wait to get them on my new holder!  Did you know that “washi” means paper in Japanese? One of the many things I learned this weekend.

My biggest indulgence was a rather expensive easel system for creating pages that makes it easier to transport layouts in progress, but also stands them upright so you’re not leaning over so much. Yesterday my neck was killing me from the angle I was holding it at and I heard a couple of ladies talking about how this system had really helped them, so I checked it out. I was hesitant to spend that much, BUT, I am likely to be scrappin’ for the majority of the rest of my life, so why not invest in something that will make it easier on me?


It is a heavy duty easel that sits up at a bit of a slant, and has strong magnets that hold pages and elements onto it. If you need to pack up and move, you just close the folder, and everything stays in place. I have to say I’m pretty smitten.


Is it bad to be grateful for pomegranate margaritas? ‘Cuz I AM! I was introduced to them at Ernesto’s – our current fave Mexican restaurant. I like them so much that Mr. Tattered has been experimenting with his regular margarita recipe to see if he could duplicate theirs, and tonight he hit the nail on the head. Woohoo!

Ruh ro…this could be a bad thing. Now instead of having to wait until we go to Ernesto’s, all I have to do is ask. This does not fit into my efforts to reduce my intake of simple carbs. BUT, I’m going to go with grateful, anyway. Then I just need to be judicious in the frequency of my requests. Okay, those of you who know me well, let’s don’t go there! Heeheehee!

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  1. Great scrapbook pages … and all those goodies. Day 4! I’m only on Day 3! I better catch up.

  2. I really like your *Snowy* page. My mouth is watering over all your new goodies! What fun! Happy AEDM!

  3. Lovely pages! Did you say pomegranate Margarita? Oh my that sounds delish. There’s an Ernesto’s near me that I haven’t been to in a long time. Heck, I haven’t had a margarita in ages. Putting that on the to-do list! Looking forward to seeing more!


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