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Calibration Jeans

Well, after sitting at soccer practice freezing (yes, I am now officially a thin-blooded flatlander once again!) I have come to the conclusion I must admit that summer is over. After weeks of loving the temps in the 80s, and a few extra weeks of warm weather clothes, it’s time to haul out the warmer stuff –  long sleeved shirts, sweatshirts, and painfully, the jeans.

My calibration jeans informed me (a little rudely, I might add!) that I’ve gained a few pounds since I last wore them. Rats!

Unfamiliar with the term? It’s that one pair you must have that don’t give much, so they keep you honest in regards to how your weight is doing without having to get on the scales.

The good news is, I have a few pairs with a little more give, so I may not have to succumb to the horror of having to re-buy a larger size.

If you’ll remember, as a part of my weight reduction program, when a pair of pants gets too big, they are outta here, so I have a financial incentive to not gain the weight back. If I do, I have to buy new ones.

So, I’m going to suffer through tight pants for a few weeks as I work my way back down. Serves me right. I know better than to allow the drawstring waist pedal pushers to lull me into thinking I haven’t gained any weight!

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  1. Found you through AEDM and so enjoy your posts. I also enjoy scrapbookking, but do it digitally. Love your layouts and the idea of doing a collage spread with the additional pictures. Read through all the posts to this point but just had to comment here. I thought I was the only one who used my jeans as a weight control substance! Love the term calibration jeans – so true.

    • Hi, Alice! Thank you so much for stopping by AND for commenting. Glad you’re enjoying the blog. Writing is one of my great joys, and it’s nice to know when people like what I’m writing!


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