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Susie Homemaker – Almost

I don’t know what got into me today, but I had a small bout of domesticity.

I guess for one thing, a recipe came across my newsfeed that intrigued me, and I had all the critical ingredients, and quick access to the one I didn’t have.

It was a nearly raw, vegan chocolate nut pie – no sugar, and full of healthy nut oils. EXACTLY what I thought I’d been looking for.

It wasn’t the world’s easiest recipe, but not the worst either. The chocolate filling by itself was pretty yummy, so I had high hopes for it.

The crust was walnuts and dates, then the chocolate, cashew filling, almond butter and agave for the center, then topped with more of the chocolate. I had high hopes.


Somehow I managed to get so involved with the process I forgot to take pictures after I got it this far…You can see the crust, the bottom layer, and the glop of middle layer before it was spread out. After that there was another layer of the chocolate concoction, then it was garnished with little chunks of “healthy” peanut butter cups. But, you’ll have to imagine it, I guess!

Two out of the three grandkids loved it, the third said it was too sweet, which is SOOO not true. Daughter and Daughter-in-law both liked. Mr. Tattered was less than impressed to begin with, but it grew on him with each successive bite. To be honest, I’m so stuffed from dinner out, nothing sounds good, so I took one bite and was left wanting. I’ll probably give it another try later, and may revise my initial reaction…we’ll see.

I also made some homemade pinto beans from the ground up, and I’ve gottta say, they rock. It’s Mr. Tattered’s recipe after several generations of adaptations. I went a little heavier on the spices than he does, especially on the garlic and cilantro, and I’m a fan. I’m planning on trying some homemade enchiladas tomorrow, and they will make a good side dish!

I just want to eat GOOD, healthy food without going out. In order to get there, I’m going to have to do a lot of experimenting, and that means being willing to fail along the way. If I am willing to cook with lots of salt and fat, and dairy, I can be a really good cook, but I’m not. If I’m going to cook, I want it to be stuff I feel good about eating. So, today was a partial victory. And, a partial victory is better than none.

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