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Just Say No (for now!)

So this morning I woke up thinking about my dilemma regarding my inability to get me projects done. I have come to the conclusion that I need to start telling myself “no” when I want to start new projects for awhile.  Or at least I need need to seriously consider it. Or maybe force myself to finish two before I can start one? Ha! See, I’m negotiating with myself at the very thought of it!

Something has to give. It’s so bad I’m starting to consider the possibility of tossing some “in-progress” projects. How dumb is that?

The good news is that November is “Art Every Day Month” and I’ll be participating again this year. The idea is to do some kind of art every day, then post what you’re doing. At least I won’t have to think very hard about what to do. I already have a vast array of projects started that will fill the bill.

I’m almost (no, not ALMOST!) embarrassed to say how deep into the archives I had to go to find these pictures of unfinished projects. They’ve been waiting WAAAAY too long to get any attention.


This poor garden statue needs to be reworked.


This poor bunny has been missing his ears for way too long.

rag basket 2-w

This basket is still waiting to have its transformation completed.


This frame is to be the base for an Alaska frame.


This layout needs to be completed.


This album is close to being done. It’s for my daughter.


I really NEED to learn Photoshop, so that counts as a project, don’t you think?


And all the while, my workspace gets messier and messier! I’d say cleaning it up is yet another project!

I’m feeling kind of excited about getting some of these projects completed. Ha! I wonder how long THAT feeling will last!?

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. My workspace is so messy right now, it’s dragging me down. The good news is, we’ve found someone to drywall the large unfinished room over our garage as my studio. The bad news is, we use that as attic space, and it too needs to be cleared out before the work can be done. Daunting tasks, but I know I’ll be so much more productive when it’s done. Maybe.

  2. You can do it!


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