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Time To Try Lists Again?

As much as I like the idea of being a big girl and just doing what I need to do, I think I may need to get back to making “to do” lists again. (Seems like I’ve been here a few times before – and not very long ago!)

The little projects that I have laying around in need of finishing up are multiplying like rabbits, and are in no serious danger of getting done anytime in the near future (or ever!) if I don’t come up with a plan.

I have developed a horrible habit of flitting from one project to another, before I come even CLOSE to finishing the one before. It’s almost like coming up with the idea, then securing the materials is all I want to do. If the project doesn’t finish itself (and how likely is THAT?) the chances of it actually getting DONE are slim and none! Even the ones I’m super excited about go onto the “finish someday (maybe) pile” if they hit the slightest little snag.

I’ve tried rewards (then when I don’t get the fill-in-the-blank, I just find something else to reward myself for and get it anyway.) I’ve tried putting myself in time out (that lasts about 5 minutes!) I’ve chided myself like you would a wayward child, and had adult conversations with myself that fall on deaf ears. I suspect if I had an accountability buddy, I would just quit talking to them. Seriously, nothing works.

Lists used to work. And I had tons of them, broken into categories. I LOVED writing everything down in my very best handwriting in pencil, and then enjoying the reward of crossing it off, preferably with a brightly colored marker. It worked SOOOOO well.

What happened? Now I couldn’t care less about about brightly colored markers or even gold stars.

SO. I’m writing a post about lists and getting projects completed, and the next thing I know, I’m perusing pinterest, a time suck if there ever was one. Two hours later the post is still unwritten, I’ve got 10 more ideas for things I want to make (or at least buy the supplies for so I can throw it all in the big ol’ pile) I’m hungry and would give my 1st born child (sorry Andra) for an Apple Crumble Loaf w/ Brown Sugar Custard, or a Magic Pumpkin Cake, or Peanut Butter Pie w/ Sugar Cookie Crust, I feel like a fat cow that will NEVER fit into the 20 newly discovered outfits I adore, OR be able to teeter on any of the 10 pairs of the cutest shoes to walk the planet, AND I won’t even go into how much I hate my house and my garden (comparatively speaking, of course.)

So, Suzie Sunshine! Wasn’t THAT a great idea? {{{{smacks herself upside the head!!!}}}

I most definitely need adult supervision. And a plan.

But to be honest, I don’t feel like making one tonight. So I’m going to watch Downton Abbey Season 4 episode 4, instead.

Because I want to. And there’s no one here to stop me. Heeheehee!


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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. then when you are done with your lists you can send them on to me for my women’s work project – lol!!


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