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Neglect By Any Other Name…

…is STILL neglect, and man has my poor garden been neglected.

I really had no intention of going out there today. Then Mr. Tattered decided he needed some help finishing up the “winterizing” of his grapes, so out I went.It didn’t take long, and his plants are all pruned and ready to take off in the spring.


I sorta thought the tomatoes would get the ax, as well, but they are still producing, and the nights aren’t cold enough yet to kill them, so they got a reprieve.


By the time his project was complete, I was in the zone, and decided to do some fall clean up of my own.

This is what a neglected garden looks like…






Pretty sad, huh?

I hate to say it, but after working for a couple of hours, you can’t tell I did anything! That’s how bad it is. I think I’ll be returning in the morning.

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  1. I only have a couple pots, and they look the same way.


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