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Imagine a World Without…

STOP! I need to warn you. This is a political post. I TRIED not to do it, but I couldn’t help myself. If you detest politics, or are not open to an alternative political perspective, please quit reading, and forget you read this much. Hopefully I’ll see you back another day. Proceed at your own risk. And mine, I guess.

I need to vent, and y’all are who I vent to!

(Climbs up on soapbox…)

I am rapidly reaching the point where I am sick to death of all the complaining about the government. Doesn’t matter which side of the aisle, seems like nearly everyone hates the government.

Well, I don’t.

Yeah, it’s far from perfect, but you know, can you imagine what our world would be like without it?

Corporations would have the majority of us living in abject poverty while the “bosses” at the top sit in what would pass for luxury at the top of the hill, all their crap running down on us. Think feudal times.

Our rivers, streams, and oceans would be barren, because they’d have been polluted beyond repair. Wildlife would be gone, long since hunted into extinction. There wouldn’t be a tree left standing. The very air we breath would be killing us. We would be eating God knows what, because the food manufacturers could put whatever they wanted into it. The planet would be all but inhabitable.

We would travel on dirt roads unless we could pay to drive on the pay roads. Gas-guzzling cars would be the norm. There would be oil wells up and down every bit of coastline, which may not be a problem because who would want to go to the beach once it was covered in oil? Air travel? No way.

The pharmaceutical companies would sell us whatever the heck they wanted, and we’d buy it hoping it would cure whatever ailed us, even though it might well kill us instead.

We’d be back in Little House on the Prairie days, and some might suggest it was preferable. But it was a hard life. You certainly wouldn’t have to worry about whether or not you were happy, because you’d be falling into bed exhausted every night, just trying to keep a roof over your head and food in your babies’ bellies. There would be no creative art businesses, no Stampington magazines, and women would have 10-12 babies and die at 45 worn out and used up.

Slavery would be back in fashion.

I could go on for pages, but you get my drift.

For all its faults, I prefer it to the free-for-all we would have without it.

But we have the imperfect government we have because we allowed it. Because too many people vote when they have no idea what they’re voting for. Others quit voting because they didn’t feel like their voice counted, so the voters who were left found it easier to elect fanatics who hate the government and WANT it to fail. Because we allowed Congress to pass laws they don’t have to live by. Because we allow the wealthy to buy the government they want, the rest of us be damned. Because we allow local governments to gerrymander bizarrely shaped districts to protect the “side” the majority is on.

As much as I am angered by what we have allowed the government to become, I wouldn’t want to live free of a government. People are just too rotten, too greedy, to be trusted to live without the rules that only government can provide. And we NEED to pool our resources for many things.

But you know what? When you lose an election, your side does not get to set the agenda. Not in America, anyway. The winning side does. You don’t lose, then hold the whole country hostage until you get your way. It is ridiculous to expect the winning side to negotiate away the very things they were elected to accomplish. It is equally ridiculous to even CONSIDER defaulting on our debt. Raising the debt ceiling does NOT allow the government to incur more debt. It makes it possible for the government to pay the debts it already incurred.

Right now, 30-80 House members are holding the whole country by the short hairs, and no one in their own party has the intestinal fortitude to tell them to shut the hell up and behave like grownups.

But “we the people” have enabled this behavior. Many have allowed their hatred of the current President to color their sense of fairness, have allowed their hatred to blind them to the truth. It has become so ridiculous that policies the Republicans championed a few short years ago are poison if the current President embraces them. One Republican representative recently even said the Republicans have to come away from this current battle with something, but he didn’t know what. Huh? And then there is the NEW ridiculous rule that says the majority of the Republicans have to support a bill, or it won’t go to the floor. No bipartisanship allowed. Period.

Maybe some day the Republicans will be back in the White House. Then they can set the agenda. Unless they have taught the Democrats how to behave as the minority party. Then the Democrats can grab the country’s  short curlies and demand whatever their minority of crazies want or THEY”LL shut the the whole thing down.

Is that REALLY the kind of country we want to live in?

I’m not happy with my government right now. But I don’t hate it. I don’t want it “shrunk down small enough to drown in the bathtub” (thank you Mr. never-elected- to-anything-but -still-want-to-run-the-country Norquist.)

I want it to work for the benefit of all. I want it to provide a safety net for the weakest among us. I want it to keep us safe from the greedy, selfish people who will do ANYTHING to make a buck off the backs of others. I want it to force those who have it soooooo good to pay a little more so those who don’t at least get to have SOME of the promise of America. I want a government that respects ALL of its citizens, not just those who fit into one religion’s idea of what is right. I want a government that cares about the environment and tries to protect it for future generations. I want our elected officials to work together, with a realization that in a Republic such as ours, neither side will get everything they want. The ultimate result must be a blend of both. And I want so much more…

We may want different things from our government, and you may want it to do less, but I can’t even imagine that anyone REALLY wants it to go away.

(Steps down from soapbox.) Thanks. I needed that.

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  1. I quite agree. Thank you for shedding some light onto what is going on (or not going on) in Washington.


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