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I Just Did The Craziest Thing!

Several of my artist friends have set up accounts at Society 6. It’s an internet business where they take your original art and make it into products like prints, pillows, totes, laptop skins, note cards, tee-shirts and on and on.

I thought how cool it would be to have your own artwork on a tote!

Then I thought, well, I have art… why not do it?

So, crazy as it sounds, I did it! I opened an account, chose a piece of my art, set it up for printing on a tote and ordered it!


In a few weeks, it’ll be delivered to my door!

Ha! I’m so excited!

The art I selected wasn’t perfect for the item I chose, but I mostly just wanted to see what it would look like in real live person. If I like it, it may be the incentive I need to get back to doing my mixed media.

Oh my goodness! If I like the quality, I see a mess of applications for this! Even if I’m the only one buying them! Heeheehee!

Yesterday I was giddy about Stampington asking if they could use a comment I made on their facebook page on their blog, now today I’m giddy about getting a tote with my own art on it! I LOVE being giddy!

Did I mention this is crazy?!

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  1. Lol, you are funny! Those bags are super cute! I ordered one of my own also 😉

  2. I think it looks amazing! Maybe this is the answer to the creative avenue you’ve been seeking. Best of luck, Rebecca Gouin

    • Thanks, Rebecca! That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking! To the point where I’m even considering getting some square canvases to play with so I can get the spacing for the words just the way I want it. Pillows and totes are the things that appeal to me! Hmmmm. Wouldn’t that be ker-azy?

  3. Love it! Love your energy too. You just might start something with yourself…. my next crazy thing….!!!

  4. Lol, Janet, I have been thinking along the same lines myself! Great minds thinking alike, I guess. The tote looks wonderful, let us know if the quality is good too, ok?

  5. I looked into it when you mentioned it and did the same… i have a self-designed iphone case on the way to my house. I could not be more giddy! Thank you for telling us!


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