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Feeling Giddy!

It really doesn’t take much to make me ecstatically happy!

You may remember that I am totally addicted to everything Stampington.

Well, recently I discovered that they have a facebook page and “liked” it. Then, of course, their posts began showing up on my newsfeed.

One post called “Your Story Matters” asked about how Stampington has been a part of your story.

Well, they are a part of my story, so I told them about it.

And guess what? They asked if they could share my story on their blog! OMG! You’d think I was being actually published I’m so excited!


In my heart of hearts, one of the dreams I hold dear is to some day be actually published in one of the Stampington publications. This is not anything even close, but it does give me hope that some day, some way, it just might happen! And if this little teeny thing makes me THIS giddy, I don’t know how I would keep from bursting if I ever got that letter saying my (fill in the blank) was accepted for publication!

Of course, in order to get published, you have to submit something. Wonder if I’ll EVER work up the courage?

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. Is it on the blog? Can you post a link? And congrats every one needs a little giddy now & again!

  2. I’ve tried to submit something once to a magazine, but they didn’t publish…Takes courage. Go for it!!

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Laurel. I truly don’t know what the big deal is for me. You submit, it doesn’t get published, life goes on. But fear of failure is a big thing. I’m working on it!

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  4. That is so awesome, Janet! I am totally the same way… really would love to be in a Stampington magazine some day soon. 🙂 I don’t submit either… fear of success?


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