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Spectacular Bracelet

I have an amazing artist friend who makes incredible jewelry. Her name is Susan Walls-Beverly, and she owns and operates her own jewelry business, “Susan’s Charming Trinkets.”

She recently joined the design team for a product called “Ice Resin” and has perfected the technique for making beautiful bezels to be used in jewelry-making (as well as other things!)

Her whole design team was asked to make charms and jewelry for the swag bags to be given out to the V.I.P.s at the Emmys. Prior to sending in her contributions she posted a few pictures and I fell in love immediately with the most spectacular bracelet!

I told her I wanted one just like it, and next thing I knew I had a paypal invoice, and a week later a box arrived in the mail!

The packaging was almost as pretty as the bracelet! It was a little like opening one of those little Russian dolls where you open one and find another, smaller inside. The outside box was just a normal postal box.

Inside it was the prettiest wrapped package…


and inside that a silky bag…


with the bracelet inside it.

emmybracelet3-wPhoto by Susan Walls-Beverly

To see the other amazing bracelets she made for the Emmys, click on over to Susan’s blog at

She’s making limited editions (like only 5!) of some of the bracelets, so check it out and order one for yourself!

Thanks, Susan! I just love it! (And it doesn’t hurt that someone famous is sporting one that looks just like it! Heeheehee!)

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  1. You’re too kind with all your praise. I truly hope you enjoy it and wear for many years to come! Thank you!

  2. Well, I guess since you wouldn’t let me have it, I am happy you got it ;). Enjoy it!! I wear the earrings Susan made me ALL the time!!


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