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It’s One of Those Nights!

Sometimes I have so many thoughts floating through my head that it’s difficult to get them onto the keyboard and into posts before they evaporate into space. I’ve taken to doing drafts with just a quick title and a few bullet points so I don’t lose them.

Other times I have so many thoughts ZOOMING through my head there is NO WAY I can even sort them out quickly enough to turn them into coherent sentences. Tonight is one of THOSE nights. Of course, the lovely bottle of Pinot Gris Mr. Tattered and I shared at dinner isn’t helping, I’m sure.


I don’t know whether to talk about how excited I am to meet one of my art girlies this weekend, or try to work the gorgeous picture I took of the sun going down behind a tree into a post about shining our lights, or obsess on the fabulous vegan restaurant I’ll be going to in a couple of days, or tease you about the top secret project I’m working on…

Or, I could talk about the ridiculous notion that we consider defaulting on the country’s debt (yet again!) or my new acupuncturist and the inspiration she provided for getting myself healthy (yet again!) or the thrill of knowing that we’re just a little over a week away from Downton Abbey returning to the air in the UK.

But, like I said, I had a little too much to drink tonight (2 glasses of wine? Yeah, I’m a lightweight!) so rather than try to think straight, I’m going to curl up with a good book instead!

Hope you’ve got a lovely weekend planned, and we’ll try again tomorrow!

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. I do the same thing with ideas for posts after I kept forgetting all my ideas. 🙂 Thank goodness we have so much to say!


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