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I Fall In Love SO Easily

It’s true. For both people and things, I’m afraid. I’m not talking about romantic love, of course (but come to think about it, I do fall into romantic love easily too, although these days it’s with the same guy over and over!) I’m talking about the casual love we all experience for people and things that catch our fancy.

I was whining and sniveling just a short time ago about the demise of Creating Keepsakes, and ALREADY I’ve discovered a replacement – oh, yeah – in love again! This time with a publication from the UK, Scrap 365.


It is an amazing blend of traditional scrapbooking, and more mixed media “art” scrapping. I love it already!


Page after page has me “ooooohing and ahhhhhhhhing.” It’s a treasure trove of wonderful ideas.

And then there is my new set of washi tape and its new holder. Yeah, I LOVE them, too!


Hmmmm, should I work on getting this filled up or clean my house in preparation for company? Heeheehee! There is a correct answer to that question!

I know I need to be more selective. I can’t love so many things, can I? Or maybe I can.

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. The holder is cool but you need A LOT more tape.

  2. You know I am the same exact way, of course. I think it’s because I am ready and wanting to fall in love. Why wouldn’t there be room for that in our lives? The more loves, the richer our lives. (As long as we aren’t broke!)


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