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Another One Bites The Dust

I bought the very 1st issue of Creating Keepsakes back in 1997, and every issue since, even when I wasn’t actually producing any pages. Well, just as I get seriously back into scrapbooking, I discover that the premier scrapbooking magazine is about to cease publication. Another one bites the dust.


I sorta saw it coming. Seems like for the last year every issue got a little smaller, which is an indication that advertising is down significantly, as the number of ads drives how many pages of content are possible. I was so certain, that when my subscription came up for renewal a few months ago, I let it lapse, and bought month to month. I had gotten burned before with Scrapbooks, Etc. when they stopped publishing just a few months after I renewed my subscription with them. (I was not a happy camper!)

I know that there have been a lot of changes in the industry. During the Big Recession a lot of scrappers had to tighten their belts. And most of us have a 10 year supply of paper AND embellishments, as well as a TON of tools, so it was a natural place to cut back. Additionally, many of our favorite companies went out of business, as well.  By the time the economy rebounded, many had lost their momentum or just lost interest – or maybe even were getting better at using what they had on hand. At any rate, the industry has suffered a lot, so it’s no real surprise that a magazine dedicated to scrapbooking would suffer, too.

Worse yet, all my local independent scrapbook stores have closed. Now I’m at the mercy of big boxes, and am slowly learning to plan ahead and shop more on-line.

It’s going to be interesting to see if other publications spring up. Stampinton (Somerset) has one – Memories – but it may be a little artsy for most folks. I’ll be curious to see if they try to broaden their appeal some.


I know I shouldn’t be actually “worrying” about it, but I am. I hate to see something I love so much heading into that downward spiral.

They’ve indicated that there will still be some specialty magazines, and a monthly digital version, but it won’t be the same. Change is inevitable, but it still makes me sad.

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