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I’m Scrapbooking Again!

When I got my daughter-in-law’s album finished up last week, it freed me to start scrapbooking again without feeling guilty!

It’s pretty exciting, actually. I have tons and tons (and more tons!) of supplies I’m anxious to use, new techniques I want to try, and Lord knows, more pictures than you can shake a stick at. More months ago than I care to admit, I showed y’all a picture of a box of photos I’d ordered.

photos -w

Well, they’re still sitting in the box, and I’m going to get them sorted before I get down to the actual business of working on scrapbooks. Or at least I’m going to try. I really am excited about getting up to my elbows in beautiful papers and luscious embellishments. And that will act as an incentive to get these photos organized!

Then I’m going to scrap and scrap and scrap for weeks before I get onto the NEXT major project – which is to get over a year’s worth of pictures uploaded to Shutterfly – then I’ll have ANOTHER humongous box of photos to sort.

A scrapper’s work is never done! Isn’t it WONDERFUL?

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  1. I have a box full of photos too! hehehe

    • Oh my gosh, Tracy! If those were all, I wouldn’t be so crazy. That’s just the ones that aren’t filed! There are twice as many not even ordered yet, plus I can’t even think about the ones that are filed but not in albums! If I’m not going to die until I’m caught up, I’ll NEVER die!


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