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I know, it sounds like a religious post, and I don’t know how to spell. But that’s not the case.

It’s a new “reality show” on t.v. I am pretty vocal about how much I despise reality shows, but this one is different. If you have a business, even if it is a home-based one, I would recommend watching it.


This gazillionaire guy (Marcus Lemonis – the chairman and chief executive officer of Camping World) is going out finding failing businesses that he believes in and then sets about turning them around, for a price, of course. He puts up his own money in exchange for a cut of the business.


His focus is on People, Product and Process, and he sets out to improve all three.

We’ve watched 3 shows so far, and all have been really good. It is so interesting how universal it is that small business owners are too close to their businesses to see what they are doing wrong.

For me the shows are not only good, but a little gut-wrenching, having owned a business that had way more potential than it ever was able to realize. I cringe as I see myself in the different owners, and feel their pain watching him basically shoot down their children. He’s a little blunt for my taste – he himself could take a little course on making friends and influencing people. BUT, I guess when you’re offering water to a person dieing of thirst, you don’t need to be polite about it. Plus, he knows his stuff.

I so wish I had had access to someone like this back in the day. It would not have been easy to hear what he had to say. Tears would have been involved. But I’d like to think I would have been open to his suggestions.

Even as I’m watching his suggestions to these business owners, I’m seeing how I could have done things differently.

Really, if you have a business, check it out. There are still a couple of episodes left on CNBC, or you can find it on-line.

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  1. Sounds interesting Janet, I’m going to check it out, thanks


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