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When Did I Get So Beige?

There used to be a joke in our family about Mr. Tattered and his “beige-ness.” He drove a beige car, wanted beige walls in the house, inside and out, and a lot of beige clothes.

Suddenly I find myself in Beige World.

I like it as a backdrop in my house, then pops of color, primarily red, to make a statement.

But I always tried to avoid it everywhere else, particularly in my clothing choices.

Then I was folding a load of clothes a few days ago, and realized that my clothing palette has gotten very, very beige – light beige, dark beige, medium beige, brown, light brown… Yikers! What happened?

Beige is just not who I am. I love red. Bright, happy, passionate red. Like the exact opposite of boring old beige.

At first I was afraid that I had slid into trying to be wallpaper – neutral, not noticed. And I was starting to worry about myself. Surely I wasn’t actually turning into a beige person.

But, I think it might have been an accident. I’ve gotten pretty fond of beige backgrounds in my artwork, with layers of color built up over it, and I may have inadvertently let it bleed into my wardrobe choices. Which wouldn’t be so bad if I was building color on top of it, but I haven’t been.

Until today, anyway. Today I added red. Lots of red.

But I need to be careful. I have a lot of beige hanging in the closet. I need to make sure that the majority of choices for the near future are pops of color to wear with it. No more intentional beige purchases without a really good reason.

Whew! I think I caught it in time. I’ll be okay.

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. for me it is brown – when I buy something new there is always a joke – oh is it brown??


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