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Okay. September has arrived. I am shocked beyond belief that the year is nearly gone. I find myself wanting to do an autopsy already. Where did it go? What did I accomplish? Did I use my year wisely – in keeping with my stated goals?

But I’m not going to. Not yet. There are still 4 whole months left. Still time to make it a year I’m proud of.

Last we left off, I was bound and determined to make September the month I turn things around.

And so far, so good. If I judge the whole year by the first couple of days of the month, it’s been a helluva year!

My biggest accomplishment of the month so far? I FINALLY completed my son and daughter-in-law’s wedding album. It was a long time in coming, as they will have been married 14 years in December. You read it right – Fourteen. 14. XIV. I’m leaning toward being embarrassed that it has taken so long, but it’s really not QUITE as bad as it seems.

For starters, it took a LONG time to get the photos. Then, once we got them, they were not as crisp as we had hoped. And since they were not done “professionally” we were on our own to figure out how to present them. Ultimately, we decided to scrapbook them. And it was going to be a team effort. I was going to “help” my daughter-in-law do it.

But that was before life got complicated. Before career. Before house. Before baby. Before the Great Recession. Before moving away.

We got it started together. But there never seemed to be any time. And finally we realized that if it was going to get done, I’d need to do it. And then the excuses started on my part. I had designed it in her style (of course – I mean it wasn’t about ME!) a little more minimalist style than mine, and that made it a little harder for me to do on my own. I had a hard time getting motivated, and that is totally my fault. Somehow YEARS went by. I just don’t know how that happened.

I tried every trick in the book to make myself get it done. The bottom line is, I just didn’t think it was good enough, and I didn’t want to give her something I didn’t LOVE.

So, I started buying different embellishments, fancy-ing it up a bit, and slowly I was making progress. But I couldn’t quite get it DONE. I couldn’t get to the point where I felt proud enough of it to give it to her.

Then I had this little crisis and decided I had to get through all the roadblocks I had set up for myself across the spectrum of my life, and I knew THIS project would be the one I needed to complete to break open the dam.

So, I pulled out my supplies, and went over the album page by page, adding a little here and a little there, pouring all the love I could into it. And you know what? I LOVE it. It’s still missing one picture, and the fluffies for one layout. It was to the point where I felt like I could give it to her.





But it was still missing one component – a means of storing it so that the white cover wouldn’t get ruined. I had been, from time to time over the years, revisiting this challenge but to no avail. Then, as I roamed through Michael’s looking for the makings of another project, I found it.

A fancy box. Almost the perfect size – just a little too deep, but do-able. The colors, the style were perfect for where she is now in her life. It was meant to be.

wedding box-w

And so this project that has taken way too long is, for all intents and purposes, completed.

I gave it to her, and she was shocked. She loves the album (although she still hates the photos) and REALLY loves the box. I hope it will give her years of joy.

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