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Finding Happiness In Odd Places…

As you might recall, my “one little word” for this year is happy. I haven’t followed through very well on the documentation of my Happiness Project (although I haven’t COMPLETELY given up on it!) but I have been mindful all year long of where I am finding my happy, and working diligently on creating as much happy as I can.

I discovered earlier this year (or more precisely REdiscovered) that my happy place is on the water, preferably an ocean


although a river will do in a pinch.


But in keeping with the whole point of having a “word” to concentrate on, I am noticing more and more often the things that make me smile and/or give me a sense of well-being – or DUH – make me happy.

Finding a really cool patch of moss, for example. Especially at a time when I have a camera in hand to document it.


How many people do you know who experience HAPPINESS over a chunk of moss? And if the moss happens to have a mushroom on it, it’s a twofer!


And then there are my Stampington magazines…

They are paper bliss. I am ridiculously addicted to them. All of them. Every. Single. One.

A note from Traci Bautista came across my Facebook feed today saying that the new issue of Digital Studio was on the news stands. So, even though I just bought 5 magazines last week, I headed over to Roseville (about 1/2 an hour away.) Well, bad news…they aren’t due in for a couple of days.

More bad news (or good depending on your point of view!) I was able to find 4 more issues. So 9 issues in a little over a week – you do the math! (but can you REALLY put a price on happiness?) The SUPER good news? I had a photo on my iphone of the 5 issues I bought last week, so the new 4 aren’t duplicates! Hey, don’t laugh, ya gotta find your good news where you can find it!


AND your happiness. I’ll be very happy for HOURS as I poor over them. Over and over and over.

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. I just love a bit of moss myself! It is like a little world! Thanks…

  2. Water and moss make me happy too. Happy Monday!


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