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Brave Girl Camp

There are a number of things on my “bucket list” (or as I have it listed here, my “life list”) and going to Brave Girl Camp is one of them.


I know that for what it is, it is not terribly expensive ($1799 for a week, all inclusive) but for some reason I have trouble shelling out the money for something just for me. I suspect if I were to ask the boss real nicely, he’d come up with the money for me. But I can’t make myself do it.

So, every time they open up for registration, I think about it, and dream about it, but I don’t ask.

Well, Kathy and Melody are giving away a slot in the camp this October, so I entered. Along with a gazillion other people, I’m sure. But someone has to win, so why not me? It’s a random drawing. Although you had to answer a couple of Brave Camp trivia questions and say why you want to win, the answers are not supposed to effect whether or not you win.

I’m not sure why I’m telling you this, because if you enter it will reduce my chances of winning! Heeheehee! I guess it’s because if I don’t win, I hope at least someone I know does! So, if you want to give it a try, you can do it here.

Or you can go to their blog at:

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