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Revisiting Organization

Yesterday I did a post on my desire to get myself more organized. Seems like there’s a lot of that going on right now!

In several of my online groups there are discussions going on about that very topic.

One of my friends posted a link to an on-line family calendar that looks promising. It’s called Cozi, ( and can be accessed by whatever device you’re on, including my phone. No more having to delay making an appointment until I get home to look at the paper calendar and pull up work schedules to see if I have a kiddle or not.

That wasn’t on my radar. I had thought I would go old school with a paper system complete with decorated pages. Don’t laugh! I was just thinking. And yes, I know, it probably would have been a project that never made it off the drawing board.

But this digital thing. I might actually be able to make it work.

It has color coding for different members of the family. I could put in the work schedules for all the parentals, school pick up times for all the kids, appointments I’m responsible for….plus room for a journal (including photos that can be sent off to friends and family) shopping lists. Tons of options – way more than I’d ever use – but you can use only the ones that work for you.

Wow! Optimism two days in a row! I’m almost feeling like I’m on a roll!


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