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Do They Really HAVE To Go To School?

Okay, I know. There must be something wrong with me. I’ve been reading a number of posts the last few days about the beginning of school and how people are barely hanging on until they can get their kiddles out of the house and back to school again. Some of them are pretty darn funny, and I admit I had to laugh.

But, I don’t WANT them to go back to school!

I watch my grandchildren (all 3 of them) – ages 8, 5 and 4 (edited from the original 3! Yikes – I claim typo!) – while their parents work. My schedule gets a little crazy sometimes working around 4 different work schedules, but as long as I write it all down and know which parent will be where when, and what kids need to be where when, it works pretty well.

I particularly likes summers when we have lots of flexibility. We can be bums all day, or be more ambitious and go to the pool,


or the park,


or goof around on the piano,


do art projects,


do workbook pages,


or get cool books from the library…


And I had so many plans that never made it past the planning stages. If only I had a few more weeks…

But,  now here we are, days away from school starting and I’m sad. Seems like I’ll hardly ever see them except when I’m taking them to and from school! And when I DO see them, there will be homework and getting ready for soccer practice. When will we EVER have time to just play?

I guess it’s not all bad. There will be a little more time for working on my own projects. But even that thought isn’t cheering me up right now.

Plain and simple, I LIKE being with them, and missing them will over-shadow whatever joy I get from my stupid old projects!

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  1. Summer has flown by!!! Josh has had fun! 🙂 Thank you for taking such good care of him!

  2. Who is the 3 yr old you watch? 😉

  3. You deserve a gold medal! I guess I like my freedom and childless days too much. Maybe it’s because I taught school? Who knows. Anyways, I noticed your white entertainment center in the one photo. May I ask the brand or who made it? Mr Cottage and I will need one for our new condo soon and this looks like something I would like. Thanks in advance, Janet!

    • It’s from Ashley Furniture, Carol. It’s about 6 years old, so the same model might not be available new any more, but maybe something similar? I don’t know about the gold medal because I get too much enjoyment out of it, but I know I’m providing an appreciated service, so it’s all good.

  4. The kids (and parents) are so blessed to have you!!


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