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I’m Getting Itchy

Yep. I’m getting itchy.

It’s not a rash, or bug bites.Ha! It would be easier if it was.

It’s the need to create. Something. Almost anything. But I’m up to my sweet booty in alligators (so to speak) right now.

I’ve just returned from vacation with huge incentive to get back to a healthy lifestyle (which means a big preoccupation with eating right and getting back into exercising.)

And I’m off again this weekend for a sad family thing – a memorial service.

And Lord have mercy, this junk with my father’s trust may kill me.

Anyway. I have a list a mile long, and none of it involves me getting paint all over my hands! I NEED paint all over my hands. Maybe next week.


About tatterednworn

I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. I haven’t been doing much painting or class projects the past few weeks and it also started to cause some itching! As soon as I got home from drop off at the first day at preschool yesterday, I whipped out the paints before I could even start on something else. Felt sooooo good. Sometimes I don’t create because I think it has to be this huge thing… but it could be something very small and I don’t even have to finish it.


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