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A Little Kindle Humor

And what is so humorous about a Kindle you ask?

Well. I finally got my Kindle on the charger in preparation for getting it set up. After sitting there plugged in for a day and a half, Mr. Tattered decided to be helpful, and took it off the charger. Somehow in the process (and don’t ask me how, cuz I have NO CLUE) he managed to inadvertently change the language to Chinese.


Chinese. Ha!

Now, you have to remember, this is brand spanking new. I haven’t even registered it yet, let alone learned how to use it in English.

I know there has to be a way to change the language back again, but how do you find the appropriate screen when you can’t read it?

So I figured resetting it to factory specs might work, but there doesn’t appear to be a reset button, just an on and off, and that doesn’t work. So I get on google and try to find a fix. Now I have to tell you, me and tech are not good buddies. I learn what I need to know to do what I want to do, and that’s about it. I don’t care to clutter my mind with anymore than I need to. So the prospect of having to follow some bizarre instructions is not appealing.

So, after site after site with no luck, I’m beginning to feel like I’m the only person on the planet that has had this problem. I start to stress and get a little cranky. Before he headed to bed he said if I couldn’t figure it out, he’d take care of it in the morning. I’m not impressed. He messed it up, he should be fixing it, and not tomorrow. Now. BUT, I know that he doesn’t function well when he’s tired, and I’m probably better off in the long run if he doesn’t tackle it right then.

Now I’m obsessing. I can’t put it down. So I keep searching. And FINALLY I find a guy who says tap the little three line icon, then tap the 5th row of symbols, on the next screen tap the 4th row of symbols, then the 5th, then the 1st, which takes you to the language screen and hurrah! English! I did it!

I have decided I must be a good wife – my hub messed up big time, and lived to tell about it!

SO, today I went out and got a cute little case for it…


then sat down and loaded book after book after book. One of the great things about the Kindle is that you order the books through Amazon with their huge variety and good prices, rather than the puny selection and high prices of the Sony library.


And another great thing about e-books? No waiting for them to come in the mail, or waiting for the local store to have the book you want in stock. Case in point, J.K. Rowling has new book out that she wrote under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith. Once everyone discovered that it was really her, the books flew off the shelves and are on back order. On the other hand, my copy is on my Kindle, just waiting for me to read it! Woohoo! I even pre-ordered some books I want to read, but haven’t been released yet, and when they are, they will magically show up on my device! AND, for books I want to read, but not really enough to buy them, our library has them available to “borrow!”

I think I’m in love.

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