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I Gave In…

Seems like every time a new technology comes along, there are initially 2 different ways to go, then one takes over, leaving the other in the dust. 8 track tapes and cassettes, beta and vhs – seems like every time, I pick the wrong one.

Well, I did it again with book readers. When I finally decided that I needed to make the shift from real books to digital ones (all part of that scaling down thing!) I went with the Sony Reader instead of a Kindle because Sony seemed like a big major name, and Kindle was a new, seemingly over-priced upstart. Now, years later, the Sony Reader library just isn’t keeping up, and I was feeling the need to make a change.

But, I put it off and put it off.

Last week I finally gave in and did it. I am now the proud owner of a new Kindle Paperwhite. The Paperwhite is supposed to be a brightly lit screen so that it easier to read outside, which is where I do a lot of reading.




I haven’t started loading it yet, but I’m excited to get started. I’ve gotten behind on my reading lately and there are so many books on my list! I’m thinking I’m going to have my nose buried in a book – Oooops, I guess that’s a visual that’s going away! How do you bury your nose in a computer screen?

How do you do your reading? Have you given in?




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  1. Funny, because I did the same and got a Sony Reader. Last Christmas I got a Kindle Fire and I love it. Sold my Sony at our estate sale.

  2. I have not given in and I am determined not to. I know I’m behind the times because I print out most of the blog posts I want to read and I read them in bed. 🙂

    • What tipped me over was trying to haul 20 books back and forth to Maui AND much smaller bookcases in the new house. As much as I love the “feel” of a book in my hand, it has become one of the areas where I can conserve space going digital. As with art supplies, I tend to “hoard” books, and I’m just out of room!


  3. The kids gave me a Kindle for Christmas 2011. They weren’t sure I would like it because I am such a “real book” person. I sleep with it under my pillow. Now I can buy only the real books that I’d really like to have in my collection (art books, etc…) and read everything else that strikes my fancy on the Kindle. I really love that I can have any Kindle book instantly. For example, when I got the new camera, and was trying to learn how to use it, I wanted a how-to book right away, not 5-7 business days later. I think you’re going to love it!!


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