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Meeting Another Fly Sister

I’ve mentioned my “art group” on these pages many times. It’s a group of ladies who all took an art business class together on-line nearly 2 years ago. We were encouraged to join a class Facebook Page to support each other and discuss the class. But a weird thing happened in the process. A number of us bonded beyond anything any of us expected, and became a tight group who support each other, not only in our art, but in life in general.

We’ve been through so much together – deaths, illness, job losses, marital difficulties, divorce, unruly teenagers, and of course all the happy stuff, too – births, awards, licensing deals, weight loss – you name it, we’ve shared it. And the amazing thing is, few of us have actually met in real life.

Well, when I went down to Southern California to see my sister, I was able to meet one of my fly sisters – turns out she lives just a few miles from my sister, and we were able to meet for coffee before I headed home.

What an amazing visit!

We met up at Starbucks, and I figured I had about an hour and half I could hang out. We just chatted and chatted. I don’t think there was a silent moment as we scooted from subject to subject. At the one hour point I checked the time, noting I had half an hour left before I needed to leave. An hour and a half later we came up for air again! I couldn’t believe how the time flew.

We asked one of the workers to take our picture, and a gal at the table next to us said, “you guys must not have seen each other for a long time!” They were amazed to learn we had NEVER met before!


Susan was everything I’d hoped she’d be and more! I so wish we lived close enough to see each other regularly.

If you ever get to Glitterfest in Anaheim, you’ll see her “charming” jewelry for sale. It’s fun and trendy…

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  1. Thanks Janet! I had a ball meeting you too! That gal was funny…we hit on just about every subject, didn’t we? Ha! See you again soon!

    • I sure hope so, Susan! Problem is, even though we both live in Cali, it’s one long state! I’m going to have to work on more excuses to get down there.


  2. I just love seeing people in these groups meet (or move-in) 😉

  3. And to think you’ll be meeting a few more in a couple of months! Linda Kinnaman and I just met up yesterday for our second time.


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