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So Now I’m A GREAT Gaga?

I never thought I’d be doing a post about guinea pigs, but here I am.

They (Ginger and Cappuccino – 2 girls) are the newest additions to the family. The girls are their new mamas, so I guess that makes me a great gaga.

Hannah and Bea were wanting a pet, so mama did some research which said that guinea pigs are easy and a great first pet. I take exception to that. They are messy and seem to be a huge amount of work from my perspective.

They got them from a guinea pig rescue outfit (which should have been a clue, if you ask me. If they are so great, why do they need rescuing?) and these little ladies hit the jackpot. From a rescue shelter to Guinea Pig Trump Towers overnight.

Mom (grandma) went all out. They have this castle to live in – two stories, cushy covering, and toys up the wazoo.


Now, I am a SUPER animal lover. There are very few animals I’m not crazy about. But I’m having a hard time bonding with these two. I don’t know if it’s because I know they have short life expectancies and are “middle-aged” or I know how much work they are creating or they just don’t DO much. Or maybe because one of them screams bloody murder every time I touch her. Or because they poop up a storm, and are a little on the stinky side. Who knows?

But I’m trying. Every time I go over to the house (nearly every day) I pick them up and snuggle them, and coo softly to them (yeah, well I have to admit I’m cooing that they are ugly, stupid animals, but they don’t know that, right?)


Ginger, the brown and white one, actually purred a little today, and that was nice.

Then tonight I got to feed them their red bell pepper snack, and all of a sudden they came to life. They LOVE those things and will run all over the cage to get them. And they make the cutest little noises.


Maybe they aren’t so bad after all.  With a little time, they might grow on me a little. The girls love them, so I sorta need to, huh? After all they are my great granddaughters. Sorta.

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  1. Haha! That’s funny. That cage looks huge! Have fun, GAga!

    • It IS huge! At first they just huddled in a corner of it, or hid in their beds…now they are exploring a little. I never would have thought it would take so long for them to get comfy! I’ve never been around guinea pigs, so this is a whole new experience for me.



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