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Gotta Brag On My Girl!

I’ve just gotta take a minute to brag on my girl, Hannah.

In late spring her mama signed her up for swim team, even though she could barely swim a lap. And that’s really all it takes to join – being able to make it across the pool one time, even if you have to stop part way and start up again.

When she first started competing, she came in nearly dead last every time, every stroke. But she didn’t give up. She kept going to practice, worked hard, and competed every week.

A few weeks ago her team had a fund raiser that involved swimming as many laps as they could swim, one after another. Miss “I can barely make it across the pool one time” swam 33 laps. THIRTY THREE!


This week we went to watch her meet, and she took 1st place in her heat in all 3 of her events. She is a long way from actually winning her events, but my goodness! What AMAZING progress in a few short months! We are SOOOO proud of her hard work and perseverance!


Here she is with two of her biggest fans!

Go, Hannah!

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  1. Congrats to Hannah! ! It is such a joy to watch our children and grandchildren grow in character, especially perseverance….but when they win??? Yes its time for a little bragging!! Know the feeling!


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