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And soon after the Gift Show comes CHA, the hobby industry’s trade show, and equally fun and restorative, if not more so.

I started going to CHA once we added the tole painting section to the store. It lasted a few years, and then as the sales of painting supplies began to dwindle, scrapbooking was coming in. The wonderful part of owning your own small business is that you can change pretty much on a dime, and in a short time, the tole painting department gave way to scrapbooking, which stayed with us until the end.

Not too long after I sold the store the “great recession” hit and the scrapbook industry took a huge hit, changing CHA dramatically, and the number of vendors declined significantly. Although I haven’t been ACTUALLY back since, I take “virtual tours” during the show. It appears that mixed media and beading/jewelry making have become extremely popular, and are changing the flavor of CHA once again.

I ACHE to get back and get massively inspired. You just can’t believe the electricity in the air. Vendors show their wares, but also have “make it/take it” projects so you can try the products on the spot – little mini classes! And lots of vendors pass out samples.You come home with a treasure trove of goodies!

I could get the credentials, or I can go using a friend’s credentials, but I am mildly concerned that rather than inspiring me, it will make me sad. But is that a good enough reason not to go? What if, instead of making me sad, it REALLY sets my creativity on fire? Isn’t that worth the chance?

But then again, even if I were on fire with creative desire, what would I DO with all that energy?

Oh, well. Don’t need to make a decision until the end of the year. The next one isn’t until January. Until then, I can dream, can’t I?

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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